Not As It Is

Once there were three friends whose names were Nmesomachukwu, Marshal and Omalicha. This story is about something that happened between them in Lagos.
It was a dark cold night in May, and the clocks were striking twenty. And suddenly she came in shouting, startling Oma and Esoma who were having dinner.
“You guys, guess what?” Marshal asked with happiness all over her. Esoma and Oma looked at each other with disappointment. Oma ignored her and continued with her food.
Esoma looked up at her and smiled, “Marshal, where have you been? It’s late. We’ve been waiting for you. See we’re having dinner already without you and now you show up startling us. For a moment I thought something bad had happened.” her eyes fell back to the table as she picked her glass and sipped her wine.
“Una sabi kill vibe eh. Is it only bad happenings that makes people shout. Abeg.” she sighed as she pulled a seat and sat beside Oma.
“And you, won’t you say something?” she directed the question to Oma who was engrossed in her meal.
Oma lazily dropped her spoon, “What do you want me to say? She said it all. Okay, fine,”she looked at Esoma, “let’s ask her”.
Esoma smiled gently at how Oma scornfully said it.
“Sweetie, we can’t guess. So will you just go ahead and tells what happened?” she asked Marshal as she smiled.
With a sad look on her face, “I thought you guys were not interested.”
Esoma and Oma opened their mouths to say something but nothing came out.
Marshal turned to Esoma and then to Oma, “Well you don’t have to answer that. I will say it anyway.” her happy smile was there again.
Well, Esoma and Oma had no choice but to give her their undivided attention.
“Okay,” she said as she reached for three invitation cards from her bag and waved it to their faces. “Do you know what this is?” she asked them with the smile never leaving her face. It grew even broader.
With a smirk on her face, “It’s a card.” Oma replied.
“An invitation card.” Esoma added.
“Yes I know it is an invitation card. But guess who and what it is for?” she asked them as she rolled her sexy eyes.
Esoma was getting bored already, “Tell us Marshal, we can’t guess. Is it a wedding card?”
The laugh left her face for a while, “You girls are so bad at guessing.” she bursted out.
“But we guessed right about the card.” Oma said as she widened her eyes.
“An invitation card” Esoma added again.
Oma smiled and gave a thumbs up and they both giggled.
“It’s Joel’s birthday invitation.” she said and they both froze.
They were surprised.
Oma swallow hard, “you mean the Joel Joel?”
“Yes the Joel Joel.” she answered as she passed their cards to them.
“Oh my God!” Oma blushed as she picked the card up from the table. “I’m going to Joel’s party. This is awesome.” she smiled seductively.
“Hey, hey,” Marshal waved her hands in her face, “Hope you’re not crushing on him because you know he’s mine.”
“Haba, no na. I’m just happy I’d be going to a party, an exceptional one at that. I’ll meet different bobos. So calm down, I don’t have eyes on your man.” Oma explained herself. Now, she had joined in the happy mood.
Esoma dropped the card and concentrated on her delicious meal. They noticed her silence and turned to her. She wasn’t that excited to be invited.
“Nmesomachukwu” Marshal called her in a mocking tone.
Esoma looked up from her plate, “Hmm-hmm.”
“Did Oma add something special today that’s making the food so tasty?” Marshal asked her as she spooned a little from Oma’s plate.
Esoma was confused, “I don’t understand. You know she’s a good cook, her food is always tasty.”
Marshal scoffed, “Come on, you know what I mean. Why don’t you look happy that were going to a party? Together.”
“Seriously Marshal, should I be licking the table? Besides I’m not going.” she said with a frown.
“Eh, you say? You’re not going where?” Marshal asked as she turned her right ear to her.
Esoma without looking up to her, “I said I’m not going anywhere. As in, I’m not going to any party.”
Marshal laughed out so loudly, “Did you hear her? Did you just hear what she said?” She asked no one in particular.
Her face went into a frown too, “Do you know what I went through to get those invitations.?”
Esoma ignored her.
“Okay, why? Why are you not coming?”
“Because I have work to do. I’ll be busy tomorrow” still not looking up.
“Yes I know, busy woman, workaholic. You are always busy. You never have time for the people you call your best friends.” Marshal blurted out as she turned to Oma. “Did you hear her? Did you really hear her reason?” having said that, she turned back to Esoma.
“Yes oo, keep reminding us that you’re wealthier and better than us. Keep showing us how rich and busy you are for us. I know we are way beyond your league. I know.” She hissed, got up forcefully that the chair fell backwards and she stormed out of the sitting room angrily.

Esoma was dumbfounded, Oma swallowed hard.

There was a moment of silence before Esoma broke it.
“Oma, what did I say wrong? I only said I’d be busy and she took it all up, like that. For God’s sake, she knows I don’t really like parties especially big ones like this.” there was pure sadness in her voice.

Oma stood up and walked slowly towards her, she hugged her from the back, “Hey, don’t be hard on yourself, okay? Just calm down. Everything will be alright. You’ll see. So don’t let it get to you.”
Esoma allowed her words sooth her. She didn’t really want to be sad.
Oma whispered into her ears “She’s just jealous you’re more successful than a lawyer.” Esoma turned back to look at her. “And besides you know how the Yoruba blood boils, like boiling water.” and that sent Esoma laughing.
“That’s my girl.” Oma sighed with satisfaction as she walked to the seat close to her.
Esoma held her hands, “Thank you so much. Well, I think I’d go for it.”
“For what?” Oma asked as she feigned confusion.
Esoma smiled, “Don’t be silly, the party of course. I guess she is right. I really need to spend time with my best friends.”
“Awwwww, come here. I’m happy you changed your mind. I’m sure she will be too.” she said happily as she drew her close and they hugged tightly.
“Okay, why don’t you go and rest while I do the dishes.” she said after they might have loosened their embrace.
“Yes mum.” Esoma said seriously as she planted a give kiss on her cheek.
“Crazy girl” The word mummy sounded funny to Oma.

Esoma smiled with satisfaction as she left the room.

She threw her bag on her bed and removed her shoes. “I seriously can’t believe I’d be going to a party after a hectic day.” she mumbled.
As she tried to lie on the bed, Oma walked into her room already dressed. She looked ravishing with the body fitted black short dress. She was beautiful naturally, whatever she had on was perfect. She was in fact more beautiful than Esoma and Marshal.
“Hey, look who’s back? Oya, get up, get up. You won’t make us late.” she said as she dragged the lazy and tired Esoma out of bed.
“You know you need a make over to cover all these pimples on your face and you are definitely not wearing glasses.” she said as she removed her glasses and threw them on the bed.
“Hey be careful with that.” she slapped Oma’s arm hard and Oma winced a little.
“So you’re saying I’ll have to put on makeup?” she asked as she squeezed her face in a frown.
“Exactly, you have no party dress here.” she finally said after her frantic search in Esoma’s wardrobe.
She left everything scattered and dragged her out of her room.
“Let’s go to my room. I’ll definitely have something for you.”

Marshal stalked Joel all through the night. She wanted him to notice her by all means so she was doing everything possible for that to happen.

Oma felt ashamed for her already, “What does Marshal think she’s doing? Why’s she following Joel around? I don’t even think he has noticed her yet.”
She expected an answer but got none. She turned to Esoma and saw her drinking her yoghurt mindlessly.
“Didn’t you hear me?”
“Is that not the reason why she’s here? And she was giving me that stupid talk about me not been there for you guys? So what answer are you expecting from me? Please o, let her enjoy herself.” she to Oma and went back to her her drink. Then she continued, “That girl should have been a man, you know?”
“She is a man. She does what a man should be doing. I guess that’s why she prefers her surname to her own name.” Oma replied as she poured some wine into her glass.
“It suits her though, Marshal.” Esoma pronounced it differently. And they laughed.
“What if Joel doesn’t notice Marshal?” Oma asked curiously.
“I won’t be surprised at all. He’s the son of the Governor, what do you expect? It would be a miracle if he does.” Esoma sounded so sure of what she just said.

Oma stared at her for a while as she gulped the yoghurt and kept pouring more.
“This party’s awesome. What do you think?” Oma finally said.
“Yes it is.” Esoma affirmed.
“But you’re nervous.”
“Why do you say so?” Esoma fixed her eyes on Oma.
“Because you drink uncontrollably when you are nervous.” she laughed in between her words. “And why yoghurt? Why not have some wine.” She passed the wine to Esoma and Esoma passed it back.
“The wine is alcoholic and It’s not weekend, I have work tomorrow. I’m not like you who has her an eatery she could go to anytime, “Oma’s smile loosened, “Or Marshal who could go to her chambers anytime.

“Okay o, but take it easy, you’ve almost finished the third pack of yoghurt.” Oma poked a finger at her.
“Oh, now you mentioned it, I want to pee.” she stood up and made to leave then she turned back.
“Don’t leave here, I’ll be back soon. Let me find the restroom.” and she walked away.

Oma was the one feeling nervous now with Marshal and Esoma out of sight. And suddenly, an ugly dark well dressed tall guy approached her table. She smiled at him, picked her purse and drink and left the table. She didn’t even fancy him so there was no need giving him a chance to play her.
Oma was the beautiful one but she was the one with the less luck. She wasn’t as rich as Marshal talk more of Esoma. To top it all, she had ill luck with guys. They only loved her food and body. Once they had them, they were gone, like flash. She had never had a real boyfriend but she has had lot of guys in her bed. She resorted to just having sex with no strings attached with any cute and wealthy guy that made advances at her.

Esoma walked slowly and gorgeously to the restroom. Not because she wanted to but because she didn’t want to pee on her way there. She laughed because people would think she actually walked like that.

He laughed so hard.
“So your wife said you weren’t coming to my own party because you cheated?” Joel asked his best friend.
“Man, who would let out her spouse out of her sight after an incident like that? No one. And get this into your head. I didn’t cheat. She caught us kissing and Mercy initiated it.” Dayo defended.
“Don’t worry, man. I can see how traumatised you are.” Joel laughed again.
“You don’t know. Oh, you don’t. If I see any single lady coming my way, I’m gonna disappear like I wasn’t even there.” they laughed and clinked their glasses.

As he sipped his glasses, he turned and behold the most magnificent damsel he had ever seen.
“Hey man, hold this. I’m coming.” he handed his glass to Dayo and ran after her. Marshal had gone to get herself a drink so she didn’t see him leave. Esoma opened the female’s door and walked to one toilet to do her thing.
She went to the sink and washed her hands as she looked in the mirror.
She was not actually a striking beauty but this makeup was stunning. She hated makeup but she loved this one Oma had done. She wasn’t a man’s magnet either. She was all about work and she had acquired a lot for herself. She was a definition of an independent woman. She was as rich as Marshal described her to be. And she was the nicest person you could ever meet.

She came out and closed the door behind her and froze as she met Joel face to face. She managed to pick her balance again.
“Sorry, excuse me.” she feigned a smile and walked past him. Joel couldn’t take his eyes off her as he trailed her.

She could sense him following her so she walked faster but he increased his pace too.
As she tried to walk past a pillar, he grabbed her her and drew her to himself.
“Hey, where are you running to?” he gently spoke into her face.
“I… I.. I… erm. I… ” she stammered. She was speechless.
He laughed softly and she just stared at him.
“I’m Joel, sorry for startling you like that. It wasn’t intentional. I just couldn’t let you slip off like that.” he apologized.

Esoma smiled, “It’s okay.” she managed to say.

Immediately he brought his lips to hers and kissed her softly.
He couldn’t explain what came over him and he didn’t want to care. She didn’t want to end what she was feeling and at the same time, she didn’t want to hurt Marshal.
She had never felt that way before.
Joel’s heart melted. It was if he could hear her thoughts. It was filled with fear, happiness and sadness.

As it got more intense, they felt a forceful separation as Esoma was dragged by her right hand but he held on to her left hand but left it slowly as he saw Esoma quickly turned her face away from him. Marshal angrily dragged her to the car where Oma was and they drove out.

Marshal banged the door so hard as she got down from the car and walked into the house.
Oma turned to the back to see a pale Esoma. She turned the ignition and they both sluggishly came down and walked to the house.

Marshal was panting by the time they were in the house. Immediately she saw Esoma, she charged for her, dragged her by the hair and threw her to the couch. She was about to hit her when Oma grabbed her hand.
“Marshal” she yelled her name. “How can you be fighting your friend over a man? That’s improper. You get sense at all,” she said as she left her hand.
Marshal stared at Esoma with disdain in her eyes, Esoma looked remorseful but was ready to take whatever punishment she would give her.
She pulled away and started shouting, “Oma, do you know what she did?” she was almost in tears.
“Calm down,” Oma tried to calm her down. She tried to take her hand but she declined forcefully.
Esoma regretted what had happened, she saw how shattered her friend was. She didn’t know she liked him that much.
“Babe, she kissed my man,” she said poking a finger at Esoma.
“No, he kissed me,” Esoma tried to defend herself.
“Shut up,” Marshal and Oma both yelled at her.
“He kissed me,” Marshal mimicked her.
“Look at you, what do you have that would make Joel want to kiss you if not your money, which be obviously doesn’t know about. So tell me what,” her hands akimbo. “Is it the breast you don’t have or the ass you don’t have or the pimples you have scattered around your face, what exactly?” She asked her as they eyed themselves.
She didn’t want to admit that Esoma looked gorgeous. Her eyes were filled with contempt for Esoma at that moment.
“You are so lucky that Oma was here to stop me from beating you up mercilessly,” she picked up her bag and shoes and made to leave the sitting room. “If I ever catch you with Joel again talk more of kissing, you’d be dead. Stupid girl.” She hissed angrily and walked out on them.

Immediately Oma started laughing and hurried to Esoma’s side.
“Did she hurt you?” She asked arranging Esoma’s hair. Esoma shaked her head.
“Don’t mind her, she’s just showing herself. So tell me how did it go?” Oma asked curiously.
Esoma smiled at her, “You are a bad girl oo. You see someone is angry and another is sad and you want to hear gist.”
“See me see trouble, is it me that is angry or am I the person that is sad. Young lady, gist me now, please,”
Esoma was blushing already.
“Well, after using the restroom, I came out o and bumped into him. It was as if he had been standing there all along. So I excused myself but he kept following me. And before I knew it he grabbed me. And sincerely, Oma, nothing else mattered. I just watched to stay in his arms like that but I thought of Marshal. I really did.”
Oma scoffed, “Do you’re thus softhearted?”
“And before I knew what was happening, he kissed me. It was the best feeling I’ve ever got from kissing a man,” she smiled as she fantasised.
“Chai,” Oma exclaimed. “Esoma, it’s you that enjoyed this party.”
“Tell me, do you like him?” Oma winked at her.
Esoma was stunned.
“Oma you and I know that it’s not just about how I feel. It’s also about how Marshal feels. She told us about her love for Joel beforehand,” Esoma really wished that this was not the case.
“Obsession please. That’s not love. Okay, what about Joel’s feelings?”
Esoma was quiet.
“He doesn’t even know that a person who answers her father’s name instead of hers exist. And besides, you and I know that almost every girl has a crush on Joel. So why is she freaking about it?”
“Does that include you?” Esoma asked her curiously.
“No. Yore trying to deviate from this matter now,” She held Esoma’s hands in hers, “Baby girl, fight for what you want so you don’t end up regretting it tomorrow because you tried to please someone else and putting your happiness on the line. I love you.” She advised her as she left her hands, stood up and left the room.
Esoma let out a deep sigh of relief. She had a lot of thinking to do.

“Oma, what are we having for breakfast?” Esoma asked as she walked to the table already dressed for work.
Oma turned to her and smiled.
“Just a light breakfast today, tea, bread and eggs.”
“Okay, I know it’s going to be tasty,” she brought out a chair and as she tried to sit they were startled by Marshal’s long hiss.
She stood up and left with her food to the couch.

Esoma sat down sadly. She felt so bad.
Marshal had been her friend since she lost her parents in her 200 Level unlike Oma they met in their finals. They were never like this. They used to be like sisters. They did everything together. What happened? What changed? She knew Marshal had always been jealous about her success. But why? She was a reputable and successful lawyer. She should know better than be jealous of the wealth Esoma’s parents left her. She didn’t work for them. Well, I guess jealousy becomes an uncontrollable illness when you allow it.

Marshal was not happy either she was having problems with her best friend. She didn’t know how it started, she didn’t know when it started. Obviously Joel was not the cause. Something she couldn’t explain was the reason why they had drifted apart. Oma was taking her place in her sister’s heart. She wanted things to be normal again and she wanted Joel to herself. Why does Esoma have to get all the good things? Why?

“Come on in,” she replied to the knock on the glass door.

Joel was stunned as he saw the lady with her back turned to him. He had looked all over for his magnificent mystery after their encounter at his party. After a week of fruitless search, he couldn’t believe she was standing right in front of him. How God works.

“Oh I’m so sorry. Have a seat,” she said as she turned to face them with the files she was going through.
She was stuck at the spot, she could not move. What the hell was he doing here? Of all places and companies he could sign a deal with, why hers?

She quickly realized herself and took her seat as she looked at the heavily guarded soldiers behind him.

Joel on his part was disappointed, she looked so much like his magnificent mystery but this woman here was no where comparable to who he imagined she was. This woman had pimples, she had no make up and worst of it all, she was in glasses. For God’s sake, she looked like a nerd.

They kept looking at each other with their thoughts flowing throughout till the deal was signed.

“It was nice doing business with you,” he said as he stood up. God, he was extremely handsome. She swallowed hard.

“Same here,” she smiled, “sir.”
They shook hands and he stopped for a moment and looked through the lenses into her eyes but she looked away and withdrew her hands.

He laughed.
She felt embarrassed. He looked at her again and laughed again.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” he asked her seriously.
“Me what?” she tried to sound different but her voice failed her.
“You’re my magnificent mystery, right?” he was smiling happily.
“I..i. I… I…” Oh God, she was stammering again.

Everyone in that room could tell he was extremely happy. He had searched for her for a whole week and was ready to continue if he hadn’t found her.

He walked over to her side and kissed her gently like the first time. He stopped and smiled at her and then he kissed her again.
“I don’t care if you looked like the ape itself. My heart called out to you not your face or your body which I obviously love,” he kissed her on the forehead and hugged her. Esoma held him tight. She was overwhelmed.
“Please don’t ever walk out on me again,” he told her.
She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She felt like a princess.

“Oma, Oma, Oma,” Esoma yelled as she ran into the house.
Oma ran out of the kitchen on hearing her name.
“Oh Oma, I knew I’d find you at home. Oma, he found me,” she said happily.
“Who found you?” Oma asked confused.
“Who else? Joel of course.”
Oma took Esoma hands and started screaming.
“Oh my God, baby I’m so happy for you. This is great news,” She hugged Esoma tightly.
“What I am cooking is so deserving of this moment,” she told Esoma.
“Oh I can’t wait, I’m so famished,” Esoma said happily but then her face changed.
“What’s wrong B? ” she asked her as she raised her face up with her hand.
“How will Marshal take this news?”
“Are you okay? My friend, you better don’t let Marshal thoughts spoil this moment for you. Please go and freshen up let me treat you to a nice ofe nsala (white soup) that the Yoruba girl might not like,” Oma giggled happily as she went back to the kitchen.

“Why can’t I reach Joel? It’s been four days now and he hasn’t called and he’s number is not going through. What’s wrong?” she asked herself.

Oma stood by the door unseen as she peeped at Esoma for a while. Then she entered Esoma’s room fully.

“What’s wrong? Why’s your face all mashed up?”

Esoma was a bit startled.
She looked from her mobile phone to Oma’s face.
Then she sighed, “It’s Joel, I’ve been trying to reach him for the past four days now and his number is not connecting and he hasn’t called me either,” she spoke like she wanted to cry.

“Hey, calm down. You guys just started dating and you’re working yourself up like this. You know who he is and how busy he is so I guess this attitude might not seem wrong to him. So take a chill pill. He’ll come around,” she assured her friend as she smiled convincingly.

“Are you sure?” Esoma wanted some kind of assurance that everything was okay.

“Yes baby. All right I need to take care of the dishes now. Marshal is full and I guess she should be asleep now. You should do the same and cheer up,” she exits the room as she blows her kisses.

Esoma inhaled and exhaled deeply before lying on her bed.

She woke up 20 minutes later, she didn’t know when she fell asleep. She immediately picked her phone up and dialed Joel’s number, then it dawned on her that Joel had blocked her number.
“Damn, how could I not have known?” she was super confused and angry about what was going on. Why would Joel block her number?

She wore her slippers and headed to the verandah to think.

She was staring into the sky when she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey,” she turned around to see Marshal standing beside her holding two glasses of red wine.
“How are you doing?” she asked smiling.
“I’m good and you?” Esoma replied and returned the smile.
“Here,” she handed her one glass. “I’m really sorry I’ve been a bad friend. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry my sister,” she apologized sincerely.
A sweet smile enveloped Esoma’s face. She got up and hugged her friend.
“It’s okay. I forgive you,” she said smiling.
“To forever,” Marshal raised her glass.
“To forever,” Esoma responded as they clinked their glasses.

Esoma sat down and Marshal joined her.
“So why were you looking pitiful? Is everything okay?” she asked with a concerned look.
“No, everything is not fine,” Esoma turned to Marshal.
“What is it?”
“It’s Joel,” she faced the floor. “He blocked my number and hasn’t called me for four days now. I don’t why he’s acting this way. Joel loves me.”
“He loves you and he’s behaving this way? Are you sure you didn’t do anything to him?” Marshal asked.
“None that I know of,” Esoma answered as she bit her lip.
“It’s okay. I’ll try and see him,” Marshal assured her.
Esoma looked at her surprised.
“On your behalf. I promise.”
“Really, you’d do that?” Esoma asked happily.
“Of course, let me make up for everything I have done,” she said smiling.
“Oh, thank you,” Esoma said and hugged her.

It was 3pm on Saturday, Marshal had stepped out to see Joel. She got to the sitting room and found Oma sleeping with her phone in her hand. It was evident that she slept off while on it because her hand was on the phone which made the phone’s backlight not to go off.

She gently lifted her hand and tried to switch the phone off but something in her told her to call Joel with Oma’s number.
She smiled to herself and moved back to sit.
She quickly copied the number from her phone and dialed it.

What she saw gave her the greatest shock of her life.

She rubbed her eyes to see if she was just hallucinating but no, it was there on Oma’s screen. Joel’s number was saved as my crush.
Esoma’s eyes grew wider with anger as she looked at Oma who was sleeping peacefully.
She wanted to drop the phone and pretend that nothing happened but no, she had the zeal to see more if there was really more to see.

She proceeded to Oma’s messages immediately with shaky hands. She scrolled through her messages and tears filled her eyes as she saw the messages she had sent to him just now.

It’s a good thing you got rid of her now before you regretted it later. She’s not even bothered you’ve not been talking to her.

She let the tears fall as she sobbed silently. She couldn’t believe that the one person she trusted could do this to her.

Her sobs woke Oma up.
Oma rubbed her eyes and saw Esoma crying.
She quickly rushed to her and just then she saw her phone in Esoma’s hands, she was perplexed.

Esoma looked up slowly and their eyes met.

“You snake ” her hands landed on Oma’s face before Oma could say a word.
“How could you? “Esoma shouted at the top of her voice and immediately Marshal entered the room and rushed to Oma and gave her another resounding slap.
“You snake,” Marshal said angrily.
Esoma was shocked.
“You know?” before Marshal could answer, Oma charged towards Esoma and they started fighting.
Esoma was in tears.

“So you’re stupidly asking me how I could do that to you? Wait a minute, do you think it’s only you that loves Joel? And after…..after all your bragging, after all your endless talks about how busy you are, you are so selfish and never do things for people and you still have the the auda…..audacity to ask me that stupid question. That was the only thingy could do to hurt you badly,” Oma retorted as they were still entangled with each other. Joel entered with his soldiers and disentangled them.

“Bragging? Selfish? How?” Esoma asked panting as she looked so confused. She was oblivious of the love of her life who was in the same room with her.

“Oma, I made you who you are today. The eatery you own, i bought for you,” Esoma’s tears couldn’t stop falling.
“The car you’re driving, I bought it. The roof you have over your head is thanks to Marshal and me. Oma, the only thing you do for us is cook which you are good at. And we didn’t force you to. And you look me in the eyes and say all that to me,” Oma was breathing heavily. Esoma tried to hit her but Joel stopped her.

She slowly turned to him and dragged her hand away.
“Calm down Esoma,” Marshal said softly.

Joel turned to Oma and shaked his head and then turned back to Esoma.
“Baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he started.
Esoma turned her back to him and he smiled.
“She told me you were married with kids and you were so rich you don’t think of anyone but yourself. That you were just playing me,” he concluded.

Esoma’s mouth was agape as she looked at Marshal. Marshal just shrugged her shoulders. She knew already.

She turned back to face him.

“Oma, what did I do to you to deserve all these? And I thought you were better off than Marshal. Didn’t know you were a she devil. Husband? Children? Seriously Oma? You’re are indeed a frustrated disappointment. Marshal was right all along. And she is far better than you. At least she had the decency to always speak her mind.
I want you out of my house now, ” Esoma’s words pierced deep into Oma’s heart like a dagger.
“Now,” Marshal shouted.

She ran past them into her room.

They all turned to watch her. Marshal followed her.

“Baby, I’m sorry,” Joel apologized as he turned Esoma to himself.
“You know I’d never leave you like that. I was torn apart when I heard that lie. But who’d want to drag another man’s wife? I’m really sorry,” he had on a puppy face. She slowly raised her legs so she could reach him, she put her hands around him and kissed him deeply.
“You don’t need to apologize. I know you’d never leave me like that,” she smiled at him.
“I love you,” he kissed her.
“I love you too.”
Their kiss was interrupted by Oma’s shout from inside. It was obvious Marshal was dealing with Oma. She was a no nonsense man. Laugh.

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