Do not marry him

Two days after the proposal, she found a card at her doorstep, written in a messy handwriting. “DO NOT MARRY HIM!
She turned the card to the back then to the front again to see if she could see any other message but she didn’t.
What manner of joke was this? She asked herself.
She looked around to see if she could see anyone but no one was in sight.

Fear gripped Ebere.
Who could have dropped this here?
There was no name or phone number. Was it a mistake? It couldn’t be. The sender knew for sure she was engaged to be married.
She couldn’t take it in alone.
She reached for her keys in her bag, opened the door and went in closing the door behind her.
She dialed Mark’s number, her heartbeat was louder than the beep tone.
“Baby,” said the voice from the receiver.
“You had better not say a word,” came a voice from behind her.
Ebere froze.
“Hello, hello, my love,” the voice from the receiver kept calling.
The figure forcefully collected the phone from her and threw it to the floor.
“How did you get in here?” Ebere managed to ask.
The figure laughed hysterically revealing she was a female.
Ebere regretted not turning the lights on when she entered.

“Didn’t you get my card?” the lady asked.
Ebere’s eyes had got used to the darkness. The lady was in all black.
“I said how did you get into my house and who are you? What do you want?” Ebere yelled at her.
Well she shouldn’t have.
The lady slapped Ebere, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor.
“Why did you call him? What did you want to tell him, huh?” she shouted at the scared Ebere.
Ebere screamed as hard as she could. Thankfully Mark had not ended the call.

The lady tied Ebere to a chair with the ropes she had brought.
The lights were on now. Ebere could see her face. She was beautiful but she looked haggard and delirious. She smiled unceasingly.
She took a chair and sat in front of Ebere.
She was still smiling.
“You got my card, didn’t you?” she asked Ebere raising her head up.
Ebere nodded in affirmation.

Ebere made sounds like she wanted to speak.
The lady smiled, “You want to say something?”
Ebere nodded.
She slowly removed the tape she had used in shutting her mouth.
“Ouch….who are you?” was the only question she could ask. She had never been treated this way in her life, she was terrified.
She kept smiling.
“Why do you want to marry him?”
“Marry who?” Ebere asked her trying to figure out what her business was with her getting married.
“Who else are you engaged to?” she shouted into her face.
“Because I love him,” Ebere shouted.
“You love him,” she said as she laughed uncontrollably.
She was really delusional.

Mark had parked silently and walked to the front porch to see if he could peep from the window.
“Martha? Again?” he sighed. “I thought she was locked up. How does she find ways to harass my brides to be?”
He had to find a way to get them in.. Oh, he had a spare key. He hurried back to the car to get it.

“He used to love me. He was supposed to marry me,” her smile had vanished.
“But he left me, saying he didn’t love me anymore. Who does that to people who love them?” she was smiling again.
“People fall out of love. It happens all the time,” Ebere managed to say.
“So he had to fall in love with Emelia and now you?” she laughed again.
“Well, I guess you made a mistake falling in love with Mark,” she said as she cocked her gun.
Ebere was terrified.. She swallowed hard.
“Sadly you’d have to join Emelia,” she pointed the gun to her head.
Ebere heard the gun fire. But she didn’t feel any pain. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Martha on the floor in her own blood.
She saw Mark with the police. He ran to her and hugged her tightly.

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