The Lunch

The bell rang for our lunch break and the happy cheers filled my class and the school. I picked up my lunch box from underneath my desk and made for the door. I walked to back of the building, placed a stone close to the fence and sat on it resting my back on the fence.

You might be wondering why I’d be having my lunch outside the classroom and not just outside but at the back of the school building.

“Well, hello, hello, look who we have here sitting like a lost puppy and eating her lunch,” I looked up from my plate and saw the girl who had just said that as she approached with her two best friends. Her name is Lucia, my nightmare. Her friends Aicha and Favour were always with her and they always helped her in bullying me and the vulnerable students in our class at the slightest chance they got.

 Well that answers your question. They are the reason I have to hide to eat my ‘own’ lunch.

Her sidekicks were smiling because they could see I was frightened like the defenseless puppy I was. I sighed and looked up at them. For your information, I’m not a nerd or a dork. I was just petite and this was enough reason for them to bully me because they knew I couldn’t defend myself against three girls two times my size. To add insult to injury, I was older than them, Lucia and Favour were 12 and Aicha was 11 and I was 13.

Aicha walked over to me and hit my head, “So you left the classroom to come and eat here, what are you trying to prove? Short thing like you.”

Favour bent over and collected my food without saying please. I was boiling with anger because I knew they were going to eat it and I was not going to have any lunch as usual. I wished I had eaten it very quickly as soon as I got here.  

And you would think they’d leave me after taking my food but no, Lucia held me by the collar, jerked me up to my feet and pushed me against the wall. She was not done with me yet.

“Don’t you understand that you are too small for me to handle? I don’t know why you keep resisting. Well, I like it. You keep running and I’ll keep chasing you,” she told me as she hit my head at intervals.

I couldn’t say or do anything, I just groaned because she was hurting me. My eyes were filled with tears and I fought to hold them from falling.

“We are going to reach an agreement now. Whenever it’s time for lunch, you’ll gently bring your food to me and if I’m in a good mood, I’ll decide to let you eat your lunch but you know I’m always in a bad mood,” she stated as a nasty smile appeared on her face.

“Have I made myself clear?” she asked me.

I couldn’t speak because I couldn’t concur to such an arrangement but still, I had no choice. As I opened my mouth to talk, the tears I had been holding back rolled down my cheek and they laughed.

“She’s crying. Eeya, what a pity,” Aicha mocked me.

“I won’t be surprised if she has peed in her pants,” Favour added.

“Enough,” she hushed them. It wasn’t funny to her because I couldn’t see any smile on her face. “Now back to you, have we reached an agreement?” she asked me again.

I kept mute. She got furious and raised her hand to slap me, “Let her go,” we heard a voice say.

We all turned to look in the direction of the voice and it was Somto, the most cheerful and most beautiful girl in our class.

 “And who are you to tell me what to do?” Lucia asked her still holding my collar.

“Are you sure you want to find out?”

Lucia chuckled and then a frown appeared on her face, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

“I won’t tell you again. Let her go.”

Now I had looked into Somto’s face and I could tell she wasn’t joking.

Lucia hissed at her and turned to face me. She raised her hand and tried to hit me but couldn’t bring it down. She struggled to but couldn’t bring it down.

“What is happening? Why can’t I bring my hand down?” she asked with fear in her voice.

“What do you mean by you can’t bring down your hand?” Favour asked her.

Favour tried to get close to Lucia but a strong wind from nowhere lifted her and flung her on the floor. We were all surprised as we turned to face Somto.

She wasn’t smiling.

Aicha rushed at her and tried to hit her but she found herself up in the sky and then she landed on the floor with her buttocks. She cried out in pain.

Now, Lucia was scared as Somto came close to her. Without touching her, Lucia’s stuck hand dropped down slowly and as the other hand holding me dropped; I heaved a sigh of relief. Somto was still looking at her and before I could blink, Lucia forcefully hit the wall with her back. Her hands and legs were stretched, her legs far from the ground.

Lucia was trembling as Somto stood in front of her with her eyes staring into hers. I was scared. I didn’t know she possessed such powers. I was happy deep down that someone could be able to teach them a lesson but I was scared at the same time. What if she turned to hurt me too?

“Now, we are going to make an agreement,” Somto said to Lucia who couldn’t move because she was being held by the wall and I could see the walls cutting through her skin. She and her friends couldn’t move but they were shaking with fear.

“If I ever see you ill-treating any of our classmates again, I’m going to cut you into pieces and feed your flesh to any animal that wants to eat it and I mean it,” Somto threatened her with a stern look.

She went close to her and whispered into her ears, “Is that clear?” she asked her gently.

Lucia made some noises like she was in agreement.

“What was that?” Somto asked her as she released her mouth.

“I won’t bully any of our students again,” Lucia said.

Somto stepped away from her, smiled and then patted her chin, “Good girl. Now get out. All of you,” she ordered as she released them.

Lucia fell to the floor and ran like a wild animal while her friends got up and followed suit. As she watched them run away, her beautiful smile returned.

She turned to me, “Don’t worry, they will never bother you again.”

Still in amazement and fear, I nodded.

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