The conference

Everyone walked out the door via the common rush as the church conference had just been concluded. Sheila marched along with the crowd as they all made their way out of the door. She walked briskly to the quarters and into the little room she was sharing with six other girls. She proceeded to pack her bags because she was leaving the next day as the conference had ended.

“Sheila, could you please help with my sponge on the wall?” one of the girls asked her.

“Sure,” she replied as she took the red hard sponge from where it was hanged and gave it to the weird looking girl.

She was supposed to be having lunch now with her best friend, Mercy, whom she had come with to the convention but they had a little misunderstanding because of a cute guy they met in the bus. They had confessed how much they liked him to each other but being the annoying and hot-tempered one; Mercy had to intimidate Sheila like always. Since they arrived till now, Mercy was always seen with him and she was sure they were having lunch together now.

After packing her stuffs, she decided to go have lunch as she was starving.

After lunch, she hooked up with one of the girls and decided to go back to the quarters with her. They started a conversation and even when they got to the front of the quarters, they kept talking.

Mercy was heading that way with Emma and his friend who secretly admired Mercy walking behind them when she heard Sheila’s loud voice and laughter. She hastened her steps and got closer to where the laughter was coming from and what she saw sent jealousy down her spines.

“Mercy, are you okay?” Emma asked her.

“Of course I’m fine. I’m just wondering how she found someone she seems all happy with in just a short period of time,” she unknowingly complained.

Emma was surprised because that was the exact thing she was doing.

“You know it’ll be cool if you walk up to them and join in the conversation. I guess that will do you some good,” he advised her.

“I’m not going over there. Remember we’re still not in talking terms,”

“If you say………………..” before he could complete his statement, Mercy turned back and walked away immediately she saw the girl leave Sheila and walk past her.

“Where are you going to? It’s not cool to just leave without saying anything,” Emma yelled.

His friend saw Sheila coming towards them so he took an excuse to leave.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go after her. You attend to her friend,” his friend told him as he left to look for Mercy.

‘What happened? Why did my friend and yours rush out like that?” she asked as she stretched her neck trying to see if she could see them.

“You know stretching the neck when you know you’re not stretchy won’t do any justice but going with them and finding out for yourself might do the trick,” he teased her and she smiled.

Blushing, she said, “Fine then, let’s go.”

“After you,” he said as he made way for her.

Mercy got hold of her as she was about to enter the hallway that stood behind the other buildings which lacked the presence of any living soul.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson today,” she said as she grabbed her hand and led her into the hallway.

“What are you doing? Will you let go of me?” the girl shouted at Mercy.

“No, Mercy wait! You can’t go in there. It’s not safe,” Emma’s friend shouted as soon as he got to the entrance of the dark hallway and had seen Mercy enter it. After contemplating on whether to go in or not, he finally did.

“Mercy, Mercy,” he called as he kept going in but he got no answer.

Emma and Sheila got to the entrance of the hallway and saw no one there.

“Are you sure we didn’t lose them?” Sheila asked.

“I don’t know. We followed the right track and this is the only place it leads to,” he replied.

“But there’s no one in sight. We might have lost them. Let’s go back,” Sheila suggested.

“All right,” he agreed.

As they turned to leave, they heard Emma’s friend screaming painfully for help. They turned back and went close to the entrance. They were taken aback by what they saw. Emma rushed to help his friend who had been stabbed in the lower part of his stomach with a rod and was losing a lot of blood. Sheila helped Emma drag him outside with shaky hands.

“What happened?” Emma asked him as little streaks of tears rolled down his cheek. He tried to use his hands to stop the blood but it wasn’t working.

“Mercy, Mercy…..,” was all he could mutter.

“What about Mercy?” Sheila asked and rushed to his side.

Emma’s friend had lost all his strength for words; he just pointed to the hallway and gave up the ghost.

“No, no, nooooooooooooooo,” Emma shouted as he held his friend up a little and hugged him as he cried like a baby.

Sheila exhaled deeply as she was lost of words and didn’t know what to say or how to console him. She just stared at them and watched with sadness and pity. She looked up from where she was kneeling and realized her friend too could be in there. She was breathing rapidly with fear but she knew she had to do something before this happen to her friend too.

She got up and slowly walked to the entrance, she stared into the dark hall with no doors just pillars and rooms that demarcated it. She said a word of prayer and as she put her right foot inside, she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m going with you,” Emma told her with his cracked voice.

“But what about your friend?” she asked softly.

“We will come back for him,”

Sheila sighed, “Okay,”

They nodded in agreement and stepped in. Emma had turned his phone’s torchlight on; Sheila noticed it and dragged the phone attempting to turn the light of. She was scared to the bones.

“Why did you put it on?” she whispered but one could tell she was terrified and so was he.

“I’m sorry. I thought we might need it since it’s dark in here,” he apologized.

“How do I turn this thing off?” she asked.

“Here, let me help you,” he said as he held her hands with the phone and tried to turn it off.

Her heart raced as she felt his hands on hers, his eyes caught hers staring at him and just then he turned off the lights. She swallowed hard, she was thankful the light went off. She didn’t have to put up with the awkward situation.

“Let’s go this way,” he said pointing to the place his eyes had captured when the lights were on.

They walked for some minutes and with their hands they felt the walls so they wouldn’t stumble until they got to where some rays of light was coming from the end of the hall by their right. They turned right and started walking towards the light until they could see the figures of two men standing and the third, a girl. From her figure, Sheila could see that it was the girl she just talked to not too long ago. She collected something like an envelope from one of the men and disappeared into the light.

As they approached, they saw the light was a rainfall with a car in front of it and it seemed like one man was washing the car and the other just standing with his back turned to them.

“I think they are harmless. Let’s go talk to them,” Emma said.

As they moved further, it became clear that someone was kneeling in front of the guy whose back was turned to them and at that moment, he slit her throat.

Sheila realizing it was Mercy screamed, “Mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Mercy’s lifeless body fell to the floor and immediately, the men turned and reached for their guns and they started shooting at Emma and Sheila. Emma dragged the crying Sheila into another passage way and they ran as the shooters chased after them. They tried to dodge the bullets they didn’t know where they were coming from or where they were heading to. Same thing applied to them, they didn’t know where they came from or where they were running to. Sheila was an athlete but ‘this’ wasn’t part of her training. She silently prayed she would survive this.

They ran till they got to another turn and they kept running with the shooters covering up. It was obvious they knew the hallways very well.

They got to the end of what seemed like a door. They tried to open it but it was stuck. The shooters got close to them and they could hear their crazy laughter’s. As they cocked their shotguns to shoot, Emma bashed the door open with his arm and they ran out into the open like two mad people.

They got confused about which way to go but as soon as they saw the men run out, Emma ran left and Sheila, right. The men separated too and chased them. Sheila ran towards a short fence and hurdled over it. The shooter was amazed because he knew he couldn’t do it. He took his time to climb over the fence and that bought Sheila some time.

She saw some buildings but decided to cross the road to a small house. When she got there, a man who she assumed to be the owner of the house was sleeping in a chair on his porch. She climbed up onto the porch and hid herself behind the man. The gunman passed the house without seeing her. Then, she decided to go into the house. She opened the constructed wooden door net and entered the house and that was when the second gunman who was chasing Emma passed and saw the door close. He called out to his friend.

“Hello little one. Please if anyone ask if you saw me, tell them you didn’t, okay?” she told the little boy of about 5 years old who appeared to be the man’s son. She patted his dog, stood up and walked towards a room.

She heard the men enter the house.

The little boy looked at them and screamed. The men looked at themselves before they shot the boy mercilessly. His dog curled himself up in fear. The man outside pushed the door open and rushed to his son.

“What have you done, you mean demons?” the bereaved man cursed.

They smiled at each other before one of them shot him right in the head.

They looked around and saw the room by the corner, one of them pushed the wooden net door and entered, while the other stayed back. The one inside searched around and he realized the man was a scientist but he didn’t see Sheila. Then he smiled when he saw a curtain, he knew it was concealing someone so he drew the curtain and came face to face with a human pod. The face area was covered with transparent leather so he could see the girl mask covering it.

“Hey pretty girl,” he said as he pierced the syringe he had picked into the pod.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh,” a voice screamed from the pod.

Emma removed the syringe along with the mask as it had hurt him by piercing into his face.

‘”What!!! I thought I had shot you and you fell and rolled off the cliff?” the surprised man asked.

“Hey, looking for me?” Sheila asked from the doorway. She had hidden behind the door when it came open.

The maniac without thinking started shooting, Sheila bent down and let the bullets hit his partner till he was like a torn paper. Immediately, Emma forcefully kicked the door open that it hit the gun off the other guy’s hand.

“Quickly,” he told Sheila as he put the man on the floor and used his leg to hold him down.

She picked up the dead man’s gun and tossed it to Emma who picked it up and pointed it to him.

He was defenseless now.

“You missed. Your bullet didn’t hit me. I’m an actor and I did what actors do, act,” Emma replied to the question he had asked earlier.

As he cocked the gun and was about to shoot, “Wait!!! Won’t God be angry with us if we kill him?” Sheila asked him.

“You are right. God will be angry. Let’s take him to the church.”

 He lowered the gun and pulled the gunman up to his feet and led him to the door but as a heartless killer who never gives up, he hit Emma with his elbow and rushed for his gun that had been separated from him and as he tried to shoot Sheila, Emma shot him countless times.

“I’m sure God will understand,” Emma stated.

Sheila staggered and held on to the wall. She couldn’t imagine how her life would have just ended in a second.

“Are you okay?” Emma asked her.

She exhaled and rushed to hug him tightly.

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