We had just finished fetching water on an empty stomach after a long day at school so we proceeded to the kitchen to dish our food.

“Sandra, please be fast with the plate so I can dish our food. I’m hungry,” I told my younger sister who was washing the dirty dishes that they had failed to wash after eating with them.

We were living with our uncle, his wife and with his children and at the time we came back from school, three of their children were home; two girls who were older than I was and a boy, the last child whom I was eight months older than. Aunty had said that we would finish all the chores before we had our lunch. It was already 5:46 pm.

Sandra rinsed the plate and handed it over to me. We had our ‘lunch’, afterward, we had our bath and when night came, we went to bed.  

I was fast asleep when I felt something rubbing against my buttocks; it seemed like a dream until I slowly came back to reality to perceive it was real. This had been going on for quite a while now and there was no one I could talk to about it. Mum and Dad weren’t here and we were sent there because our family had relocated. So in a bid for me to write my junior waec in the school I was attending then, they decided to let me stay in my uncle’s house with my younger sister so I wouldn’t feel alone since we both went to the same school.

It was him again, the last child of the house. He continued rubbing his penis against me for a while. I was so angry and afraid but I was more afraid to get up because I didn’t want to risk him knowing I was aware of what he was doing. I was just thirteen and I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to act in such situation and I didn’t know what to say either. I gently flipped as if I was turning over in my sleep then I sat up, got down from the bed feigning to still be sleepy and was just obligated to use the toilet. I walked out of the door and hid behind it so I could to peer through and watch him and there he was pretending to be asleep and like he had done nothing wrong.

I opened the door to the toilet and went in. I sat on the toilet seat without doing anything. I couldn’t sleep there or even stay long because I felt it’d look like I knew what he was doing and decided to leave the room. I didn’t know why I was so scared to let him find out, in real sense I was supposed to rebuke him. I was meant to let him know that the rubbish he was doing disgusted me and report him but I guess the fact that his mother pampered him too much and she’d probably not believe me because she loved her last child with all her heart made me hold back. I had seen the way she always restrained him from doing any chores.

I hesitated for a while after I came out of the toilet and I just kept imagining why we even had to sleep on the same bed; I slept on the bed with his elder sister, him and my sister. I sighed and went back to bed. I rolled on the bed for some time before I fell asleep again.

After some time which seemed like hours, he started again. My heart raced. I was so mad that I could explode but how I managed to hold myself together was something I couldn’t understand. I wondered why the night was seemed so long; couldn’t it just come to an end? I couldn’t believe how shameless he was. I hoped he hadn’t tried this with my baby sister.    

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