Even with the mask that was being used to facilitate her inhalation, she still struggled to breath. I could see she was suffering from the pain but I couldn’t imagine how much. She pretended to be strong as she tried to smile so we wouldn’t see her suffering. I wish I could tell her she didn’t have to be strong for us and that she only had to be strong for herself.

Kola slept beside her on the bed as he held her and didn’t leave her side even for a moment.

I couldn’t understand how someone who was once so happy and full of life, the one who always took care of us and was always there for us could be so helpless now. I remembered the times we would come back from school and run to her in the kitchen and then she’d embrace us and give us food to eat.

My heart was heavy and I didn’t want to see her suffer like this. She deserved better.

I looked away from her and gazed at him. Dad been standing and looking out of the window for a very long time so I decided to walk up to him.

“She’s going to die, right?” I asked him with tears in my eyes.

He didn’t hesitate to look down at me as if he had been waiting for me to come to him.

His eyes were red and swollen from crying. He patted my head and forced a smile, “Dapo, she’s going to be okay. We just need to pray for her and she will be fine,” he assured me and I nodded.

But I didn’t buy anything he said, I knew he was hiding the truth to avoid getting me hurt but I had overheard the doctor telling him that there was nothing they could do to help her. The accident was severe as it had punctured her right lung.

My mum wasn’t going to make it and I knew it. How could life be so cruel as to take her away from us? She was my best friend. I was just 10 and couldn’t imagine her not being here when I would have my first girlfriend or when I have my first kiss.

I cleaned my eyes and running nose with my palm and walked over to her, kissed her on her forehead and sat on her right side as I took her hand. She slowly turned to look at me.

“Mum,” I called her and she lifted her hand to touch my head, smiling.

“I love you so much,” I told her as tears streamed down my face, I couldn’t control it.

She smiled again but couldn’t say anything. She was too weak to.

I raised her hand, lay by her side as my younger brother by her left and placed her arm around me. I tried to remember all the great times we had when she was the first lady of our lives. She will always be. I crossed my hands over her frail body, at least it’d be fulfilling if she died with us by her side.

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