Never Again

“Where is Johnbull?” she asked glaring at me.
“He’s playing a video game in his room. I asked him to,” I responded.
“Of course,” She remarked and turned to go back to the room.
“Honey,” I called out and she paused but didn’t turn back.
I swallowed hard as I thought up what to say, “Is this how we are going to continue? We only talk to each other when we want something,”
She remained silent and still didn’t turn back.
I exhaled, “Listen, if you want a divorce, just say it. Go ahead and tell me how you feel; yell, shout, insult me but please cease this hostility. It’s killing me. I miss you,” I stated bitterly.
She sluggishly turned to look at me.
“James, what do you want to hear from me?”
“Anything at all.”
“Then you’ll hear it. You disappointed me and now you disgust me. I hate you,” I could perceive the hurt in her voices. “After all we’ve been through together, I didn’t ideate you would ever do something like that to me. I only decided to be calm so I wouldn’t hurt myself or do something that will hurt my son not because I didn’t wanted to hurt you with my words or actions. So now you know everything I feel inside for you, will you let me be?” she asked but I didn’t reply.
She wiped her eyes with her hand and tried to leave the siting room but I ran to her and held her arm. I slowly turned her over to face me.
“My love, I don’t care about all you just said because I deserve it,” she looked away from me as she sulked. “You’re sweet and perfect and I don’t deserve someone like you. I just want you to know that I love you and I didn’t mean to do it, I promise I’ll never do it again.”
“Well I’m not going to give you the chance to,” she blurted.
I looked down in shame.
“It’s okay if you won’t forgive me but I love you so much,” I said as I let go of her arms and went into the bedroom.
Fifteen minutes later, I walked into the sitting room with my suitcase and made for the door.
“James, where do you think you’re going to?” she was sitting on the sofa with her back turned to me.
“I…….,” I stammered.
“So you’re just going to leave your son, me like that?” she asked me.
“I can’t put up with your silence. It’s killing me and this is just a way to let you know I want you to be safe even from me.”
I could see how uneasy she was as she walked towards me. I didn’t want to leave her but I wanted her to be at ease.
“Listen. My son can’t stay in this house without his father and this house cannot be a home without the father and husband in it. So you’re not going anywhere and I do not want a divorce,” she said with all the confidence she could muster.
I snorted and tried to conceal my joy as I knelt down and held her left palm, “Nuella, I promise that I will never hurt you again as long as I live,” I said as I kissed her hand and stared into her face.
“And if you ever do, I’ll sue you. I promise,” she scowled.
I got a bit scared when she said that but deep down I had no intentions of raising a finger on her ever again.
“I won’t baby, I won’t. Even if any fool tries to kiss you again just because he admires you, I’ll control myself.”
She was reluctant for a while before she finally smiled, “Jealous you, get up.”
She said to me as she took my hands and helped me up.
I grabbed her immediately and kissed her. I had been longing for that for a very long time.
“I’m sorry and I love you,” I uttered.
“I love you too,” she responded.

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