The Raw Deal

“Officer, when am I going to go home? You can’t keep me here. I’ve been here for ten days with your unending torture and you still haven’t got anything out of me and to top it all you don’t even have any evidence against me,” Camille complained.

She was battered from the repeated blows by the investigation police officer.

“Now listen to me young lady. You are going to confess to your crime no matter how long it takes,” the investigator threatened.

“You have to believe that I’m innocent. How can I keep the truth from you after everything you’ve made me go through,” she said bitterly. Her lips were wounded and swollen; she could hardly keep them apart.

“Indeed. Culprits like you are difficult to penetrate but I’ll crack you open,” he said to her with a stern look.

“Please have mercy. You can’t expect me to concede to what I didn’t do. How can you be this heartless?”

He slapped her hard allowing the wound on her lips bleed. It was difficult for her to even cry because she was in much pain.

“The next time you talk to me like that, I’ll make sure you suffer for it,” he said, holding her neck.
She groaned in pains, “Like my life could get any worse than this,” she muttered.

Her head dropped as he released her neck and sat in front of her. The officer standing behind her tried to raise her head.

“Let her be, Timini. She’s too weak to move so doing that would be otiose,” he told his colleague.
“If you are innocent, why do you tremble? Listen, we are still looking into this case and we are going to find the evidences to make you pay for your crime,” he assured her.

Camille shut her eyes in despair.

“I can see you’ve regained some strength so let’s continue from where we stopped. Camille I want the truth so tell me what I need to know now.”

Camille kept mute; she was tired of explaining herself or “denying the crime” as they termed it.

“So you won’t talk. Fine,” he got up, hit her in the face and punched her twice in her stomach.

“Excuse me Sir, the boss wants you to see something in his office right now,” Timini informed him after answering a phone call.

“I’ll be back for you, murderer,” he forewarned her and left.

She tried to snort in the catarrh falling from her nose as hot tears streaked down her cheeks.
Few minutes later Timini came in. Her body shook as he came close to her. To her shock, he helped her stand up but she didn’t bother to ask any questions.
He led her into the DPO’s office.

“Uncuff her,” the DPO instructed. Camille was taken aback and she could see her investigator didn’t seem so tough anymore.
“Please sit down Miss Camille,” he said as he offered for her to sit in the chair close to his desk. Camille was astounded that she was been addressed as Miss after been treated like an animal.
She proceeded to sit down. She ached all over.
“I want to show you something.”
He turned the laptop to her so she could see the screen. She was stunned by what she saw: his screams made her aching worse.

“What’s going on here?” she asked.

“The policemen who were still investigating the house saw the tech man who came to check the cameras and he told them about the surveillance camera he had installed for the victim some months ago. He didn’t get a call from the victim so he decided to check up on him. So this video is all the evidence we need. And to think she was the one who testified against you.”

Camille was dumbfounded. Tears streaked down her cheeks, “How could she? He was her boyfriend. I can’t believe her disapproval of me working with her boyfriend in his house could escalate to this,” she shook all over.

She turned to look at the investigator with disgust.
“You tortured me for nothing. You beat me up even when I pleaded with you. You wanted me to admit to something I didn’t do. You decimated my dignity. I hate you,” she said amidst tears. Without a word, he walked out in shame.

Then she turned to the DPO, “So what will happen to me? How are you guys going to pay for the damage, the pains, the ill treatment and the shame you’ve all caused me?”

He apologized and promised to pay for her medical expenses and send people to arrange her house. With all the pain and a pint-size of happiness of being vindicated and of the reality that the actual murderer will be arrested, Camille left the police station.

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