I slowly arouse from my sleep as I felt my pajamas being pulled down gently. I opened my eyes and saw him slightly bent over me with his hands on my trousers.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“Calm down. Don’t make a fuss of it,” he said shamelessly.

I made to shout but he used his right palm to cover my mouth.
I grabbed his palm, wrenched it and he screamed in pains. This time, I covered his mouth with my palm as I pulled up my trouser. I stood up and pushed him away. He approached me and I slapped him hard. He slapped me in return and that stirred up the fiend in me. I hit him in the face and that made his nose bleed; I grabbed his arm and twisted it to the back, he groaned but I ignored him.

“I won’t give you the pleasure of disrespecting me,” I whispered into his ears and pushed him to the floor. I was infuriated that my elder brother’s cute friend wanted to take advantage of me.

My brother entered the sitting room and saw his friend who was lightly touching his injured nose sitting on the blood stained floor.

He rushed to him and in amazement he asked, “What happened here? Flora, what did you do?”

“No. The question should be, ‘what did this animal do’? He messed with the wrong girl,” I said furiously.

By the expression of his eyes, I discerned my brother had realized his friend had done something wrong because he knew what I was capable of when messed with but he didn’t ask his friend any question; instead he helped him up and led him to his room. I sat down, trying to recover from the shock and with the loud argument that came from the room; I knew it was going to be a long night.

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