Junior Exams!

“Calm down kids. We are going to be fine,” Miss Lisa told her students.

“Miss, how can you tell us to calm down? We are terrified,” Benita stated.

“Yes Miss. We can’t help but be scared because we don’t even know what these people will do to us.” Femi added. “What if they kill us?”

“Let’s not center our minds on negative thoughts. I’d advise you all to pray instead, you have to show them you are strong and don’t let your fears make you vulnerable,” Miss Lisa impelled the children.

“Miss, I didn’t sign up for this when I decided to write my junior exams. What will my mother do?” Lucas another student said amidst tears. 

“So I signed up for this, right? Come on kids it’s nobody’s fault that we were all kidnapped from the bus that was conveying us to the exam center. So I’ll recommend you all stop whining and pray,” she told them.

Lucas turned around to see the expressions of his classmates; there were 27 students in the room they were locked in. He directed his eyes to his teacher and imagined she could just be as scared as they were but was trying to be the adult.

Benita entwined her arms around her legs as she mumbled words of prayers. She wasn’t ready to leave her parents or her brothers. What would happen to her loving family if anything happened to her? Would they be sad and mourn her for a long time or would they forget her after a while? She thought. 

Lucas was the only son of his mother; she had used all her savings to register him for the junior exams. What was she going to do if she lost her only son that was going to take her out of poverty and who will look after her when she becomes old? He closed his eyes and tried to imagine the answers to his questions but he couldn’t.

Femi had always been quiet and didn’t really relate well with his mates. But he didn’t really care what happens to them on this boat, in this sea. At least, he’d be able to get away from his abusive step-father. 

The children were all lost in their anxious thoughts when the door came open and one of the men who had taken them hostage came in.

“Get up, all of you and move,” he roared.

The children rose to their feet and moved out of the room into the hands of mean looking men who compelled them to enter a boat. 

They realized they were in a place different from their city. They got into the boat; their eyes caught the sight of a man who seemed to be the leader and although he was a very handsome man, he appeared to be extremely vicious. The engine came on and the boat made to move but then who was it that appeared behind him? As she kissed the handsome man, it became clear that it was no other than their own Miss Lisa.

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