Valentine’s Void

“Miracle,stop it,” I bellowed as I made my way from the door to stop him. It was Valentine’s Day so I was here to see Miracle and his wife. We were supposed to spend the day together since my wife was out of the country. 

Hearing her cries from outside, I had rushed in furiously to see what was going on. Miracle was beating Shantel again. I rushed to him and tried to get him away from her but he kept kicking and hitting her hard especially in the stomach.

“Miracle, stop this madness. What stripe of a beast are you turning into? You have to calm down,” I told him as I held him tightly. He struggled to break from my grip but I wasn’t ready to let him go.

“Miracle, you either calm down or I would be the one throwing punches at you,” I said to him and he slowly calmed down as he panted like a lion that had been chasinghis prey. 

He moved tothe sofa and sat on it as I moved closer to Shantel and tried to help her up but lo and behold she didn’t move. I panicked as I checked her and as a doctor, I didn’t need anyone to tell me Shantel had kicked the bucket. I was filled with extreme disgust and anger.

“She’s dead. You killed her,” I said softly on my knees with my hands holding hers. Miracle slowly walked up behind me and I could hear his heavy breathing. 

I stood up to face him, “You broke her spleen. Miracle, you beat your pregnant wife to death.”

He felt ashamed.

I shook my head in disappointment and turned to leave the room. I was torn between reporting this malicious act and safeguarding my brother’s integrity.

-by Anita Pius

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