To Ikotun

“Oga move front abeg. Cross to the other side because the load I’m carrying is heavy,” I entreated the bus driver to move a bit forward. I was bearing a large sack in which I had put all the foodstuffs I just bought from the market. I was going to Ikotun and I had been directed to board a bus going to Ikotun from Iyana ipaja but this bus driver was bullheaded.

“Ejo sir, esun si waju. Ibiyi si ji na si bustop,” an elderly woman behind me said. I didn’t understand Yoruba but from the way the driver harshly replied her, I perceived she also wanted him to go further. 

Other passengers didn’t really care, they weren’t carrying anything whatsoever talk more of something heavy, and they all alighted without any complaints. 

“Please sir I beg you. Just move forward a bit. This load is heavy and I do not want to walk while supporting it before getting to where I will board a bus,” I pleaded with the driver. 

When I saw he wasn’t budging, I tidied myself to get down and then he handed my change to me.

“Sir, this is 750 naira. You gave me 250 naira already,” I said handing the 250 naira back to him. He seemed confused for a while because I could see he had forgotten he gave me 250 naira earlier on.

“Oh that’s true. Thank you very much,” he said as he collected the money. I was still pissed because I thought about how I would cross to the other side with the sack. I descended from the bus, brought my bag down and set to cross over to the other side.

“Ikotun, Egbeda, Ikotun, Egbeda,” I heard some men “conductors” shouting after I had just taken few steps forward. As I advanced towards to them, I couldn’t help but be grateful as I imagined myself traversing to board the bus if the driver had yielded to my pleas and crossed me to the other side. Note, I never told the driver I wanted to board a bus going to Ikotun.

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