The Rivalry

“Honey I’ve called them severally but they are not picking up. Sent them texts, no reply. Are you sure they are not fighting or quarrelling at the supermarket?” Anthony asked his wife. 

“Well I wouldn’t be surprised if they were,” she replied shaking her head. 

“Then let’s get going. Maybe when they are back and are calm, they’ll go through their phones,” he said and proceeded to put on his wristwatch.  

“What is it honey?” he asked as he noticed she had stopped what she was doing. 

Lorena sighed, “you know, most times, I wish I had other children and not them. I wish I had normal girls maybe all these shouting and quarrelling wouldn’t be the order of the day,” she expressed with grief. 

“Me too honey. Me too,” Anthony replied as he moved over and hugs her. 

“I’m a mother and I love my children but this is how they make me feel,” She said sobbing whilst he held her tightly to his chest. 

“I’m getting the meats and chicken while you’re getting the vegetables,” Gwen said to Tricia. 

“No mum said I’ll get the meats and chicken while you get the vegetables because I’m older. I’ll best know how to pick the freshest,” Tricia explained. 

“I think your picking skills would be well appreciated in the vegetables’ section,” Gwen said grinning. 

Tricia ignored her and took the basket from Gwen. 

“Let’s start our shopping so we can leave here in time.”

As she turned to leave, Gwen, with her mind took the bag away from Tricia. 

With a frown, Tricia turned to look at Gwen, “Is that how you want it?” She asked but Gwen ignored her this time and turned to leave. 

With her magnetism manipulation, she twisted Gwen’s ankle and in pain, she dropped the bag. 

Determined to fight each other as usual with their powers, Gwen got up and with her mind and power, she threw everything she could at Tricia and Tricia, in turn, tore them apart and hit Gwen with them. 

The inhabitants of their city had already gotten used to seeing them try to tear each other apart. So this day wasn’t any different as they walked past these girls with superpowers and went on with their activities. 

For every object Gwen picked to throw at her elder sister, her eyes switched to that colour. Gwen kept throwing things and Tricia kept dodging and squeezing them. She slowly moved closer to Gwen and when she was very close, she wrung Gwen’s bones paralysing her. She looked down at her with rage. 

“You girls are here fighting while your parents are in danger,” a citizen said as she touched Tricia. 

In shock, Tricia released Gwen and that was when they noticed the supermarket was almost empty. 

“Where’s everyone and what happened to our parents?” Tricia asked as Gwen rubbed her body. 

“If you want an answer to that question then you’ll have to race to the bridge to get it,” the citizen told them. 

“The bridge?” The girls asked her in unison and without waiting for her to reply, they both dashed out of the supermarket with the woman behind them. 

Their hearts almost stopped beating as they beheld their parents in a car that was over the bridge and was been held by nothing but few rods. Under the bridge heal no water and the girls knew if something wasn’t done, they would be made orphans too early. 

Without plans, Tricia and Gwen proceeded to save their parents. 

Tricia tried to wring the rods and at the same time Gwen tried to raise the car up but then a rod broke and the car dropped a bit followed by loud gasps from onlookers. 

“Would you girls do something together for once?” A female voice said from the crowd. 

“You girls can’t even save your own parents,” another voiced out. 

“If they die their blood will be on your hands,” a little child added. 

Unable to bear their parents panicking and provoking yammering of the onlookers, they slowly turned to each other. 

“Gwen, I’ll break off the rods and you’ll connect them together so you can pull up the car and we’ll get them out,” Tricia spoke. 

“You won’t tell me what to do,” Gwen retorted. 

“This is no time to argue, Gwen. We are talking about our parents lives here. Let’s agree, even if it’s just this once,” Tricia told her. 

Gwen exhaled and nodded in agreement. 

Tricia broke off the rods from the other side, Gwen brought them together, Tricia twisted them so Gwen could put them under the car and together the girls pulled the car up allowing some guys rescue their parents. 

The crowd cheered as the girls ran to hug their parents and for the first time the girls understood what it felt like to do good and be appreciated. 

“I’m sorry mum. I’m sorry dad. We almost let you down,” Tricia apologised. 

Lorena and Anthony smiled as they hugged and kissed their girls. 

“It’s okay. I love you girls and I’m proud of you,” Lorena said as she looked at her husband and smiled. 

The paramedics that had just arrived called Lorena and Anthony to the ambulance to check for any injury. 

“Tricia,” Gwen called after a while of being silent.


“I don’t hate you. I only get jealous of you. I see the way you bend and wring things with ease. You can twist anything, even me. I’ve always felt threatened by your strength because I know you’re stronger than I am,” Gwen confessed. 

Tricia giggled and took Gwen’s hands,” Do you know how beautiful your eyes look each time you pick objects of different colours? Your powers are stronger and beautiful than you can imagine. Your powers can save so don’t ever think I’m stronger than you are because we are equal,” Tricia told her with a smile. 

To Tricia’s surprise, Gwen hugged her and she heaved a sigh of relief. 

Lorena and Anthony were the happiest when they saw their girls hugging for the second time ever. 

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