The BlueVirus

I wiped my hands on my apron as I came out of the kitchen. 

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll get it,” I said to him as he made to get up. 

Justin sat back and continued with the series he was watching. 

I opened the door and a smile appeared on my face. 

 “Camilla baby,” I called as I hugged my visitor. 

I opened the door ajar, allowing Camilla in. Camilla stepped in while I closed the door. 

Still smiling, I walked over to Justin. 

“Honey, Camilla’s here,” I informed him. 

He looked up and with an obvious frown, “Hey Camilla,” then he turned back to the Television. 

“Hi Justin,” Camilla responded as she expressed a displeasing look. 

I giggled and Camilla made to sit. 

“No, don’t sit down. I want to understand what kind of greeting both of you just displayed now. What is ‘hey’ and ‘hi’? Has this lockdown made you lose the sense of proper salutation?” I asked them. 

With a scoff, “What am I supposed to say? Jump up and kiss her all over” Justin retorted. 

“That’s not what I’m saying but you guys don’t have to be so formal. We are more than,” I stated but Camilla cut me short. 

“Don’t mind him, Angel. I don’t know why he always behaves like we’re seeing each other and we’re trying so hard to act like we dislike each other,” Camilla verbalised. 

Shocked, I turned to look at her and I saw Camilla, lustfully staring at my husband. I needed no diviner to explain what I had just heard but the human in me still felt the urge to ask. 

“Excuse me. What did you just say?” I asked the Camilla who appeared to have become conscious of herself as she took her eyes of Justin. 

Camilla stared speechlessly at Esther like a child who had been caught being naughty. 

“What did you just say, Camilla?” I asked again as I looked at Justin; he sat looking shamefaced. 

I laughed, paused, I laughed again, paused then laughed out very loud. 

Pointing at them, “So the both of you are having,” not being able to complete my question because I was still laughing. 

Camilla scratched her head as she stood with pouted lips. 

“Justin, tell me that I’m just imagining things. That I didn’t hear you both well,” I said to him. 

“Baby,” Justin uttered as he stood up. 

“Don’t baby me,” I said softly using my hand to halt him from coming close. “So all these while, this display of hatred has just been a way to hide the sparks of passion between you two from me,” I cackled as I didn’t know what emotions to display at that moment. 

“Esther it’s not like that,” Camilla finally said and I gave her a stern look. 

“What is it like then? My best friend and my husband,” she scoffed. “Justin you look me in the eyes every day, you tell me you love me, you sleep on the same bed with me and you stab me in the back at the same time? You are a beast. How could I not have noticed? Worst of enemies indeed,” I turned to Camilla, “and you perfidious bit…,” I closed my eyes, heaved a sigh and opened them again. 

“I don’t have anything to say but you both can go to hell,” I said to them as I walked out of the sitting room. 

“Camilla, what have you done? What were you thinking?” Justin rushed to Camilla. 

“What was I thinking? Why are you uncovered? Your abs are everywhere!” Camilla said to him. 

“Why am I uncovered? I’m in my house Camille and neither I or my wife was aware of your visit,” Justin replied her. 

“It doesn’t matter honey. Gosh, you’re so hot,” she said as she touched him. “You know I can’t resist you especially when you’re like this,” she said as she kissed him and he responded. 

“Oh my God. This two aren’t even remorseful. I can’t watch this,” I said from behind the curtains.

“Camilla. This is wrong,” He said as he sniffed. “The food is burning. Check on it while I check on her,” he pushed her aside and ran towards the room. 

“With a glower, “Justin,” she called out softly. “The food is burning, so what?” She said as she sat on the sofa, brooding. 

Emotionally hurt, I covered my mouth and walked quickly to my room as I heard him approach me. 


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