It was 3am and they couldn’t stay anymore so they decided to head home. There was no cab, keke or bike to take them home so they trekked. 

After a long while, they felt they were being followed so they hastened up. 

“We should have waited till morning o,” Tochukwu whispered to her friends. 

“We’ve left already. So let’s focus on walking faster,” Gloria told them. 

Amarachi muttered some words of prayers as they walked hurriedly. 

“Where do you girls think you’re rushing to?” One of the girls asked them as the blocked the way. 

Fear gripped the girls as they saw their SS3 ladies and even some of their own classmates. 

“Home. Or do we live in the school?” Gloria boldly asked the girl who had earlier taken her drink at the party. 

With an excited irritation, the girl slapped Gloria; her cohorts cheered her whilst Gloria rubbed her cheek. 

“That is to teach you that you don’t answer a question with a ques,” she was cut short as Gloria retaliated. Everyone wowed. 

“And that is to teach you not to bully younger girls,” Gloria told her, Amarachi and Tochukwu smiled conceitedly. 

Kate, filled with rage, violently pushed Gloria to the ground. Gloria picked her dad’s phone she had collected from him and with a panting breath, she tried to make a call but Kate dragged the phone from her. Just then a madman ran past them yelling and in fear, the girls all ran away. 

Amara and Tochi helped Gloria up. They dusted her, removed their shoes and ran towards the direction of their houses.  

Gloria got home and realised she had lost her father’s phone. She explained everything to him. The next day he reported everything Gloria told him to the police authorities. Kate and her cohorts were dealt with at school while the teachers responsible for the misconduct at the all girls party were penalised. 


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