The Getaway

Ignoring the altercation between the women in front, I entered the café. 

“Irekanmi, did you see her?” Mobo asked me after I came out. 

“No I didn’t,” I replied without taking my eyes off the doorway, “and these are not all the women that came for this getaway. I think Mum should be with the others.” 

My ears started to pick up what the women were saying. 

“You have all done your part and I promised to reward you, so calm down. My girls will handle you,” she said smiling. 

“Better o,” one of the women said. 

The manner Mrs Kate left them was suspicious. My eyes followed her till she entered her car. 

As I turned away from her, I caught sight of one of Mrs Kate’s girls who drew out a gun and shot one of the woman. My eyes widened in surprise as she fell to the ground whilst the other women screamed. 

The rest of the girls pulled out their guns and started shooting at the screaming women. The women ran and I realized they were not only shooting at the women but also at the children.  

Horrified, “Where’s Seye?” I asked my younger brother. 

“I don’t know sis. He was standing right here,” Mobo replied demonstrating to his side. With mixed feelings of confusion and fear, I took Mobo’s hands and led him hurriedly to the side of the café. 

“Mobo, listen to me. I want you to gather as many children as you can and run for mum’s car. Do you understand me?”

“I do but what about you?” He asked me and I could see the fear of danger in his eyes. 

I tried to be brave, “I’ll find Seye. Now go,” I said as I pushed him to run. 

I searched with my eyes for Seye as I ran for my life. 

With tears streaming down my face, I decided to run to the garage but a figure writhing on the ground caught my attention. I ran closer and not knowing whether to smile or keep crying, I carried him up and I realized he had been shot in the leg. 

“Seye, my baby. I’m so sorry.”

“Sis, what’s going on? My leg hurts and I’m so scared,” Seye told me amidst tears. 

“It’s going to be all right. I’m here now,” I told him as I rested him on my shoulder. 

“Mobo,” I called out as I saw him running towards the garage with some children. 

“Don’t stop running. I’m behind you” I yelled racing with Seye in my arms. 

I wished I could turn back to get my mum but what if? Running towards the car, I knew she would be happier with us being safe with the other children. 


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