Having the usual smile, she receives the hundred naira from him and with a sufficient basis, I can form a mental image of what is going through her mind. 

He places a kiss on her left cheek, pats my head and then departs 

Immediately it disappears, the fake smile

She heaves a sigh of weariness as she slams the old wooden door 

Then she tells me to go play

I give her a quick nod and leave the room

Not to play but to watch her from the tattered curtains

And I was quick to catch her wipe the tears off her face

I hate seeing her trying to be strong even when she has no strength left 

Even I want the good things 

I want to have those fancy that hings children of my age have too

But I’ll have to lock in my wants for now 

I know daddy is trying

I know he’s doing all he can for me and mummy to be happy

And I don’t know why it’s still like this 

But I believe that this won’t last for long

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