She takes her eyes off the wall clock, turns around and puts her hand on her head as the pistol dangles in her left hand. 

She looks at the well built guy on her left and then the short round guy by the doorway and she giggles. 

Sluggishly, she takes her hands down and taps the pistol on her lap continuously. 

And then, “Marvellous,” she screams startling everyone. 

“You are wasting my time. Let’s just make this easy for ourselves so you and I can leave this place in peace. My patience is running out,” she says as she smiles. 

“Why is Catherine doing this?” Makuo asks. But she doesn’t answer him. Not because she was scared and he could see that but because she was torn between rage and regret. 

 Catherine inhales and exhales deeply, she opens her eyes now filled with hatred and suffering. 

“Boys, tear this house down and bring them to me,” she orders and immediately unpleasant sounds of broken objects fills the room as they carelessly scatter things. 

As the only object close to the TV, the boys give themselves the go ahead look as they pull the shelf down together. A smirk appears on their faces. 

She looks up as they push the couple to where she’s sitting. 

Her charming smile returns, “Oh well, look at who we have here. I must tell you, that was one good hide and seek game you put up. I’m thrilled, as usual,” she comments as she claps. 

With rage and fear now, Marvellous gaze doesn’t leave Catherine’s. 

“Make then kneel,” Catherine orders again. 

“Kneel down,” the muscly guy roars as he taps their heads. 

Her smiles gradually turns into an evil look, “Fucking bitch,” Catherine spits as she lands a resounding slap on Marvellous’s face. 

“Stop it Catherine. What has come over you?” 

Catherine tee-hees derisively, “Are you mad? One more word and I’m going to blow your fucking brains all over this room,” she threatens as she points the gun to him. Makuo swallows with a little bit of fear. 

She slowly turns her head to Marvellous. 

“I thought you were dead.” 

Catherine bites her lips and turns to him again. “Really? Well, don’t I look dead to you? Do I look alive with these scars all over my body? Do I?”

Makuo looks away. 

“Don’t look away. Answer me,” she thunders. 

“No,” he replies. 

“Good. Did you hear that? I don’t look alive,” she giggles and then pauses. 

“All thanks to you, bitch. I hate you more than I hate my body,” she voices and turns her back to Marvellous. 

Marvellous swallows. 

“I gave you everything.  I did everything for you. I loved you with all my heart. And I know you didn’t lack anything.” She laughs and shakes her head, “Marvellous I loved you like I loved me,” sadness fills her voice, “but you chose to do this to me. You let greed and jealousy come in between us. You decided to kill us. I trusted you so much that I’d do anything for you, same reason I followed you to the plantation that day and before I could say knife, you turned into a Lioness and plucked my wings.” The anger in her heightens. “You could have just killed us but no, you still wanted to have the pleasure of torturing us like animals, for three days.” She squeezes the gun, “you killed the love of my life after I begged you. I couldn’t understand why you left me alive, “she shrugs her shoulder, “maybe because you thought I wasn’t strong enough and that I would probably bleed to death.”

She exhales, “You thought me something Marvellous. If my own blood sister can make an iron go through my arm without blinking then nothing would make a tear drop from my eyes.” 

“Catherine,” Marvellous calls out softly and Catherine turns to face them, smiling. 

“This is what I wanted. To see you on your knees, crying, helplessly,” Catherine laughs hysterically. 

“You know when you know your sister’s strengths and weaknesses, you can strike anytime,” she bends over and looks into her eyes. 

Marvellous stares into her eyes too, trying hard to fight the tears as she seemed defeated, her bravery fades. 

“Catherine sighs, “this gun wasn’t for you, it was just for shows,” she walks to her back, bends over again and whispers to her, “Tell my love I said hi,” with that she slits her throat with her pocketknife. 

“No,” Makuo screams. 

She unsympathetically turns Marvellous around and pushes her to the floor as she watch her grasp her neck, choking on her blood. 

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