Slip up

“Okay mum,” I replied my mother as she got up saying she needed to shower because she was hot. 

Just immediately she got into the house, a knock came on the gate. 

“Nene, get the gate, I think it’s Chigo,” I said to my baby sister who was younger than Chigo. 

She happily got up from the chair and ran towards the gate. 

“So you do not ask who is there before you open the door,” Chigo teased and her face went up in a frown as she locked the gate and I couldn’t help but giggle. 

“Big Sis good afternoon,” he greeted me. 

“Afternoon Big man, how was today’s paper?” 

“It was fine,” he answered as he searched for his phone that had just beeped. 

Chigo was one of the candidates currently taking their WAEC. 

“I hope so,” It was my turn to tease him. 

“What would you have me say?” he stated. 

I noticed his silence and I looked up to him. His smile had disappeared and fear was written all over his face. 

“Chigo, what is it? Why is your face like that?” I asked curiously.  

“Sis,” he called and looked up from his phone. 

“What?” I responded. 

“Dad is dead,” He stammered. 

“What kind of joke is that?” I asked angrily. 

He handed his phone over to me and I went paralysed. I was so in shock I didn’t I know what to do or say. There it was, the text message, “YOUR FATHER JUST PASSED ON” 

My expression couldn’t describe what I was feeling inside at that moment. I was broken. 

“Big Sis, what did Bro Chigo say happened to Dad?”

I was too downcast to even answer Nene. Chigo staggered backwards and rested on the wall. 

“Can you guys talk to me?” Nene persisted. 

After some moments of grieving silence, I looked up to Chigo and he asked me, “How do we tell mum?”

“Tell mum what?” I heard her ask and I bowed my head. 

“Chigo what do you want to tell me and why are you all looking gloomy?” She quizzed us. 

“Naza,” she called but I didn’t look up or even reply. “Chigo,” and I didn’t even hear him move. “Nene,” 

“Mum, I’m not sure o. I heard something like dad and died. I have been asking.” 

Mum’s screams made me raise my head in shock. 

“Tell me It’s not what I’m thinking it is,” she said to me. 

I guess she needed no one to answer her as she could read her answers on our faces. 

“Mum,” now my screams filled the compound as I rushed to my mother who had just slumped to the floor. 

Chigo and Nene joined me as we tried to restore her to consciousness. 

“Mum, please don’t do this,” 

Suddenly, Chigo’s phone rang and he seemed like he was head-scratched. 

“What is it again?” I asked him. 

“I don’t understand. My number is calling,” he replied. 

“Pick it and find out what’s wrong,” I stated with displeasure as Nene and I tried to sit my mother up. 

“Are you kidding me?” Chigo pauses, “Okay I’ll send the address right away,” he said as he dropped the phone. 

“So who was it?” because I couldn’t read his expressions anymore. 

He was silent for a while. 

“Chigo, I asked a question.”

“I took the wrong phone from school. It’s the same as mine.”

I bit my lips, “You’re saying it’s not our Dad who….” 

“No,” he replied. 

I shook my head and at that moment I wanted to pounce on him like old times and give him the beating of his life for putting us through this emotional stress but I had to first put my mother I was holding into consideration first. 

“ Chigo, I’m going to kill you after all these,” I exhaled, “but what are we going to tell mum?”

Confused, we all gazed at our mother. 


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