We were laughing hard at his joke, and then she walks in. I look towards her and the laugh ceases. I become irritated on the seat as she walks over to kiss him. She gives me a bad look as she sits by his side. 

Feeling uneasy, I get up, “Sir I’ll leave now. Call me when you need me,” I say to him. 

“All right Sandy,” he replies smiling, that always gives me cold chills. 

I pick up my tablet, steal a glance at her and hurriedly leave the room. 

I sigh immediately I close the door behind me. 

I can’t explain but I always feel choked whenever I’m with my boss and she comes around. The way she even looks at me doesn’t make things easier. 

Twenty minutes later we are at the meeting I was discussing with him earlier on before she walked in on us and I am not surprised she is here too. Why does she always have to be all over him? She should let him breathe, she isn’t the first to have a rich guy for a fiancé. 

But what’s my business? Why do I care? It’s their life. 

Oh, Sandy stop this and focus. 

I cough softly using my left hand to cover my mouth as I raise my right hand up. All eyes turn to me. 

“Excuse me, I need to use the restroom,” I get up without waiting for a response and I quickly walk out of the room. I stop outside the door to catch my breath but as I hear another chair sound, I hurry to the restroom. 

I rinse my face and look into the mirror, “Oh my goodness,” I said in shock seeing him stand behind me. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,” he apologises taking my hand. I stylishly pull my hand away, dropping the napkin on the hand basin. 

“It’s all right Sir. I’m fine,” I say as I gaze intently into his face. 

“That’s your problem,” he utters. 

“What is?” I ask in a curiously calm manner. 

“You can look me in the eye when it’s just you and me but not when I’m with Jennifer. Why is that so?”

Woah, that question hit me hard. I wasn’t expecting it. How do I answer this? Thinking to myself as I scratch my head. 



He gives me a quizzical look. 

I stammer, “It’s nothing serious. Just that I…,” 

He cuts me short, “Is it what I think it is?” He asks with that charming smile. 

Confused, “What do you think it is?” I ask him as my heart races. 

Still smiling, “that you li…,” immediately the door comes open and her head pops in. 

We turn to her and he exhales a sigh. 

“Baby, what are you doing? They need you. Come,” she says stretching her hand forward. 

He shakes his head and points at me, “We are not done with this conversation,” he tells me as he moves towards Jennifer. I swallow hard as my mind runs in circles. “Hope he hasn’t figured out?” I mutter to myself. 

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