Offended 2

“Nini, Nini,” Kemi called her friend who was fast asleep. “Nini,” she called again, but this time she gave her a nudge. 

Niniola groaned and opened her eyes quickly, “Yes,” she yawned. 

“I didn’t think you’d sleep too,” Kemi mocked. 

“Well, who wouldn’t after all that exhausting run?” Niniola asked. 

“So the smell wasn’t bad after all,” Kemi stated and looked away, chuckling. 

Niniola ignored her, rolling her eyes. 

Pretending not to have smiled, “It’s late now. This is our chance to leave,” Kemi told her as she picked up her purse and stood up. Niniola closed her eyes with her fingers. 

“Come on. Let’s go,” Kemi urged her. The ladies hastily walked away into the dark. 

“I wish we had something like a scarf or cap for a disguise, you know,” Kemi murmured. 

“Well, they didn’t give us a chance to carry my box along,” Niniola commented and they both giggled. 

After some minutes of walking, the ladies began to feel uncomfortable. 

“Kemi, I don’t feel safe. I feel whoever wants to kill me might see us soon,” Niniola said uneasily. 

Kemi looked around, “I feel the same way too. I don’t think being out in the open is safe. We’ve got to hide. Follow me,” she told Niniola. 

Kemi walked towards the hotel she had sighted and goes in with Niniola following behind. 

They entered into the building and Kemi started heading for the staircase without saying a word to the receptionist. She halted when she noticed Niniola wasn’t following. 

“What are you doing standing there?” Kemi asked as she slowly descended the stairs. 

“Why are you going up there?” Niniola asked her too. 

“The lounge is upstairs, okay? I feel…,” she paused and smiled in the direction of the receptionist. “Come close,” she gestured and Niniola moved closer to her. Whispering, “I frequent this place with Joe,” she stopped, not being able to continue because of the look Niniola gave her. 


“Joe, seriously?” Niniola said. 

“Is Joe the problem or the real problem we are having now?

“Sorry. Continue. You were saying?” Niniola apologised. 

Kemi gave her a bad look. “There is a lounge upstairs and I think there are other rooms there cause I’ve seen doors. So since it’s late, we’ll just look for a room that’s unlocked and stay in it. We’ll call someone when we think it’s safe to come out,” Kemi suggested as she stared at Niniola waiting for her reply. 

“It seems like a nice idea. So let’s try it,” Niniola replied after some time. 

“Good. Let’s go,” Kemi said. 

As they ascended the stairs, the lights began to fluctuate and immediately Kemi dragged Niniola to the right side. 

“What?” Niniola asked in fear. 

“The glass isn’t opaque,” Kemi said referring to the big windows, from which the streets could be seen. “We have to be careful. He could see us through it,” Kemi explained. 

“Oh Okay,” Niniola mouthed. “But you scared the hell out of me,” She confessed. 

“I’m sorry,” Kemi said. 

They went up the remaining stairs and when they got to the first door on the first floor, they tried to open it but it didn’t open. They moved to the second, same thing. They proceeded to the third, Niniola turned the door knob and pushed the door, it sqeaked open. 


Their eyes widened as they beheld ladies in black wrappers with chalks on their foreheads. They looked like they were in a trance or something. 

Niniola was frozen and she just gaped at them. Kemi dragged her away as she gently closed the door. The girls ran down as fast as their legs could carry them. They pretended to be okay when they saw a staff and a neatly dressed gentleman coming up the stairs. Kemi’s eyes followed the handsome man all the way up. 

“Kemi,” Niniola called snapping her out of her fantasy. 

“What is it?” Kemi replied coldly. 

”Kemi, did you not see what I just saw? And you are looking at man. Ahh, Kemi, they have use man to swear for you,” Niniola remarked. 

“But he’s fine,” Kemi stated and Niniola hissed. 

“But on a serious note, Nini, what did we see?” Kemi asked Niniola. 

“My sister, hmmm, it looked like cult in a hotel. Things are happening.”

Kemi puts her hands on her head, “Ore mi, let’s leave this place,” Kemi said and made to leave but halted at the door. 

“You hear that, don’t you?” Kemi asked. 

“I do,” Niniola answered. 

“We’ve really got to check out where that is coming from,” Kemi stated, smiling. 

They walked up to the receptionist’s desk and Kemi cleared her throat, “Hey Miss,” Kemi greeted. 

“Good evening. How may I help you?” The dark skinned lady smiled, revealing her beautiful white set of teeth. 

Kemi smirked, “Please where’s that music coming from?” Kemi inquired. “It’s coming from the underground club,” the receptionist replied. 

Taken aback, “there’s an underground club,” her eyes brightened. “Could you please show us the way?” Kemi asked. 

“Sure,” the receptionist said. 

And Kemi smiled. 

“Why?” Niniola whispered to Kemi. But Kemi ignored her as she listened to the directions being given. 

She walked to the door on the right but seeing that Niniola didn’t move, she went back and dragged her by the hand.  


“Hello,” she greeted the bouncer at the door with a smile and her charm gave them an immediate pass. 

“Thank you darling,” Kemi said as he opened the door for them to go in. 

Niniola shook her head as she watched her friend flirt with the bouncer. 

Kemi danced and tried to blend with the crowd. 

“What are you doing?” Niniola yelled because of the very loud music. 

Kemi goes over to her and spoke into her ear. “Come on Nini. You don’t always have to be such a bore. Have fun sometimes. And tonight is a great time to have fun. You’ve been through so much in one day already. So baby girl, shake some stress off,” with one hand waving in the air, she took Niniola’s hand and led her into the crowd. 

They danced all through the night. And for a moment, all their worries and fears seemed not to exist anymore. 


“Now tell me you didn’t have fun,” Kemi teased Niniola as they walked out of the building. 

Softly, “Well I won’t lie,” then with an excitement, “it was crazy,” Niniola told her. 

“I know right,” Kemi said, smiling. Niniola smiled too.  

As they approached the gate, they saw some group of people entering a mini bus.  

“Kemi, look. I danced with that guy,” Niniola divulged. 

“Whooshh, someone has a crush already,” Kemi taunted her. 

“Ewwww, no. What I’m trying to say is we could ask if they can give us a ride,” Niniola told her. 

“Oh,” Kemi said with disappointment. “But that’s if they are going our way,” she added. 

They looked at each other before walking over to where the minibus was parked. 

With a smile, he listened to them and answered their questions. Since they would actually take the ladies route, he took permission from his friends and they let them in, Kemi went to the back and Niniola sat by the door. 

After they were all seated, the bus made its way out of the hotel premises. And as they tried to turn into the road, a man jumped into the open bus, pointing a gun at Niniola who was sitting at the edge. They all screamed as Niniola struggled with the armed man to prevent him from killing her. 

Niniola cried in fear as she struggled with with him. “Kemi,” she called out. 

“Nini,” Kemi called back, confused on what to do as she tried to move from the back to where Niniola was. 

The gun went off and a girl by the window let out a deafening cry. Everyone turned to look at her and in shock, they saw that the bullet had gone through her wrist and her blood was everywhere. The shouts of the injured girl had distracted everyone but Kemi had recollected herself immediately. With the fire extinguisher she had picked up, she hit the gunman on his head. He let out a cry and when Niniola noticed it, she hijacked the gun from him but unable to handle it, the gun fell to the front, on the head of the guy who she had danced with. Another guy from the back immediately pushed the man out of the bus. 

She looked out and saw the man rolling on the floor. Trying to catch her breath, she glanced at the whimpering lady and saw they were trying to stop the bleeding. Unable to digest all she just witnessed, she threw up. Kemi patted her back as she kept saying sorry to the wounded girl. 

“You girls be safe, okay?” The guy told them as they dropped them off at their junction. 

“Thank you so much. Thank you. We will and please take good care of her,” Kemi said referring to the wounded girl. They smiled and moved on. 

She exhaled and turned to Niniola, “Come here. We need to get home,” she said putting her arm around her shoulders. 

“Nini, pull yourself together. Breathe in,” Niniola breathes in. “Breathe out.” Niniola breathes out. “Good. Now, run,” Kemi ordered and the girls ran until they got to their gate. Kemi reached for the gate keys, opened the gate, they went in and without blinking, she locked the gate immediately. They ran to their front door, she unlocked it and they went in. Kemi slammed the door and locked it too as they fell to the floor, panting heavily. 

By 7:30 am, Niniola, already dressed for work was about to leave when Kemi walked in. 

“Kemi, if it were up to me, I’d take today off to recover totally from everything that happened yesterday,” Niniola complained. 

“Well since your boss requested you resume today, you’ll go. He might be merciful and give you a day off if you tell him what happened.”

“I hope so,” Niniola shook her head. 

“But I won’t let you leave this house alone. You’ll wait for Chima to come and take you to work,” Kemi told her. 

“Who’s Chima again?” Niniola asked, confused. 

“That’s not your business o. All you need to know is that he’ll take you to work safely. Isn’t that enough?” Kemi asked her. 

Niniola didn’t answer but instead she took out her phone and sat on the couch. 

Looking breathtaking as always, Niniola walked into her place of work. She ascended the stairs and bumped into the Secretary. 

“Good morning Belinda, what’s up?” Niniola said. 

“Good morning, Niniola. Welcome back,” Belinda greeted with a smile. 

“Thank you,” Niniola returned the smile and made to continue to where she was heading to. 

“Niniola,” Belinda called her back and she turned. “You’re going to see Mr Felix, right?”

“Yes,” Niniola responded. 

“He went to check something at the small store room. So he said if you arrive before he comes up, he’d like you to meet him there,” Belinda told her. 

With surprise, “Small store room? What did he say he went to do?” Niniola asked. 

Belinda shrugged her shoulder. 

“Thank you,” Niniola told her and walked down the stairs with Belinda following suit. 

She opened the door and saw the room was dark so she put on her phone’s torchlight before she stepped in. She closed the door behind her. 

“Sir, Mr Felix, Sir,” She called out as she went further. “Are you sure he’s here? Did Belinda hear him right?” She asked herself and almost let her phone fall as the flipped light switch startled her. She turned around and there he was by the door, perfect as always. 

She let out a sigh of relief. “Good morning Sir. I thought you were not here,” she said but he just stared at her. 

“Sir,” she called. 

“Yes Niniola,” he replied hoarsely. 

“Sir, what are you doing in this store room? It’s not been in use for a long time now. And when Belinda told me…..”

“The best at what she does,” Felix cuts her short. And Niniola smiled. 

“Thank you Sir,” she uttered. 

“Why are you not dead?” He asked. 

Confused, “Excuse me Sir.” 

“You’re supposed to be dead. How are you still alive and standing in front of me? I was supposed to wait for you in vain today. He was supposed to finish you off,” he said. 

And then it dawned on her as her eyes widened. “You mean it was you who… who…,” she stammered. 

“Yes, Niniola. Wasn’t it obvious?” 

“No it wasn’t. I mean why would you want to kill me?” She swallowed. 

“Really? Niniola, really?” He loosened his tie. “You cheated on me. No one does that to Felix. And then you go ahead to do it with my rivals,” he told her. 

“But Sir, I told you it was a one time job and besides I already apologised,” Niniola explained. 

“Well I don’t forgive you. This is taking so much time. Since that idiot couldn’t get a simple job done, I guess I’ll do it myself and perfectly too,” he said as he pulled out a gun from behind and cocked it. 

Niniola gasped. 

“Sir please. You don’t have to do this. Sir please. I’ve been your personal assistant for two years….,”

“Exactly. There were others before you and there will be more after you. No one defies me,” He cackled. “It’s just so sad that a good one has to go. You could have just sticked to me.” 

He pointed the gun at her. Seeing that his mind was already made up, she immediately went on her knees. 

“I beg you sir in the name of whatever you hold dear.” 

He ignored her and made to pull the trigger. Niniola shut her eyes tightly as tears flowed freely. The gun went off and she let out a shrilling cry. She heard another gun shot and her screams increased. 

“Niniola, Niniola,” she heard a familar voice call and she opened her eyes slowly. She was scared when she saw her boss holding his legs as he groaned and sprawled on the floor with blood around him. She looked up and couldn’t contain her excitement. 

“Kemi,” she shouted as she got up and ran towards her. 

“Are you okay?,” Kemi asked and Ninola nodded. “Did he hurt you?” Kemi asked again as she touched her all over. 

“I’m fine. I’m fine,” Niniola told her. 

“Bitch,” Felix cursed. “Look at what you’ve done.”

“Bastard,” Kemi retorted. “You didn’t tell me you worked for a psycho.” To Niniola this time. 

“You didn’t tell me you owned a gun,” Ninola replied and Kemi pouted. 

“Well I collected it from the guy in the bus,” she revealed. 

Niniola opened her mouth. 

“What? You should be thankful I did.” She stated. 

“Right,” Niniola affirmed as she scratched her hair. “So how did you know this would happen?” Niniola asked her. 

“I didn’t. I just knew I couldn’t let you be alone for a second,” she told her as she gave Felix a bad eye. 

“Oh I love you Kemi,” Niniola voiced as she hugged her friend. 

“I know,” Kemi responded. “Come on, let’s leave this place.” She wiped the gun clean and threw it at Felix. 

“Come back you stupid girls. You can’t leave me here like this,” Felix told them. 

“You better come get us because we just did,” Niniola said and gave Kemi a high five. Ignoring his threats, the ladies walked out and slammed the door behind them. 

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