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I know say e dey surprise you, say today, i dey write in Pidgin, make e no shock you, because me self nah naija boy i be and i sabi speak Pidgin.

You know say, if we speak Pidgin for school them go call am vernacular, them go say e wrong, them dey even beat or punish us untop.

Shey you know wetin cause am?

Image source: Google.

Nah slave mentality cause am, you know say nah british get english language and nah them colonize us and other countries including america, and them come force us learn their language (english), but USA come modify the language, come dey speak am, d way dem like but dem no call am vernacular but, American english (AmE), because their people accept am as official and indigenous language.

Here for naija we too like to dey copy our slave masters, we…

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