Pleasing Ardor

SHE steps out of the bathroom as she wraps the towel round her dripping body. She is startled when she looks up.
She twists her face in a frown, “What are you doing here?”
Seeing no forthcoming answer, she rolls her eyes and walks to the dressing mirror. She takes her lotion and tries to apply it but she feels his fixed stares on her.
“What is it?” she yells. “Why are you even here? I told you that I don’t want you here until I am done being mad at you.” She rests at the edge of the dressing mirror with her eyes staring widely at him.
“Baby,” he calls but she folds her arms and looks away.
He sighs, gets up from the bed, walks up to her and touches her.
“Don’t you dare touch me,” with a stern look.
“Look, I’m sorry, okay?” He pauses for a while and exhales. “I messed up, I know. I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Just so you know, I’ve apologised to Jude and he has forgiven me. I need you to do the same baby.”
She gives him the bad eye and looks away again.
“Baby please I’m sorry” he says.
She could feel the sincerity in his voice but she wasn’t ready to give in that easy.
He caresses her arm but she still doesn’t look at him but he could see the little smiles she was trying to conceal.
“So you won’t look at me, yea?” “Fine. I think I know what to do to make you look.” He tells her but she still maintains her gaze.

With a sexy smile, he moves backwards and slowly takes off his shirt. She couldn’t help but watch him from her side. Immediately, he took of his short and she gasps as he throws it in her face. She chuckles, taking it off her face. She turns to him, “What do you think you’re doing?” She asks him, this time her smile is visible.
“Nothing,” he says softly and goes on to remove his boxers.
She just couldn’t help but stare in lust as she bit her finger. He brings his naked body to her, raises her head up and stares into her eyes.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers.

She closes her eyes as she feels his warm breath on her face. He kisses her gently. She kisses him back and she could feel the rush of excitement down her spine. She wraps her arms around his neck as the kiss grew intense.
He kisses her like he is scared her owner will walk in any moment. They loll helplessly thinking of nothing but the delicious taste of each other’s mouth. With her tongue turning in his mouth, he drags her close to his body but realising the towel was creating an obstruction, he yanks it off her. He could feel his heart racing as her soft breasts touches his body. He wished she would hold him like this forever. Her kiss felt like a colour reaching out to his soul, the sweetness and softness of her lips that he had missed for three days. As they devour each other, he felt like he was floating.
He shifts to her neck, separating his lips as he leaves slow wet kisses on them. She holds him tight like he was making her crazy. He advances to her ear, breathing hot air on them. She bites his skin gently and brings his lips to hers; grabbing his hard penis. Unable to contain the urge anymore, he carries her and drops her on the bed. Gracefully, she wraps her legs around him and drags him to herself. She kisses him for sometime before he moves down to her breasts, fondling them as he sucks her nipples. She moans softly, biting her lips.
She uses her left hand to rub his head while she slides the other down her vagina, as she tries to stimulate her clitoris. He notices and gently takes her hand away. He moves down slowly, leaving wet kisses from her stomach down to her vagina. He places a kiss on her vagina. He sees she’s already very wet and he smiles. With his finger, he rubs her clitoris, increasing the force as he went. She couldn’t hold in her moans as she tries to sit up but he pushes her back. He keeps stimulating her clitoris while she let out moans of pleasure. Seeing she is close to an orgasm, he stops moves up to kiss her. He breaks off from the kiss and moves back to her vagina. He moves his tongue up and down, side by side as he licks her.
“Fuck, Yes,” she squeezes her breasts as her moans ricochets around the room.

She presses his head down as he continued licking her. Every feeling his wet tongue gave her makes her go crazy. He progresses to adding his fingers, rubbing her clitoris hard as his tongue worked. She grabs the sheet and squeezes them. She sits up, pulls him up and pushes him making him lie on his back and then she climbs on top of him. He drags her head to him and kisses her passionately but she wants more. She puts him in as she gently sits on his penis, she gasps as she could feel him deep inside her. She loved it. She had suddenly forgotten this was the same man that she stayed mad at for days. All she knew now, was that she wanted her husband deep inside her, nothing more.

She just couldn’t get enough of him.
He kept squeezing her breasts as she tilts her vagina, moving in small, tight motions. She grinds him quickly and as her clitoris rubs against his pubic bone, loud gasps of pleasure escapes from her lips. She leans in and kisses him while she keeps riding him. She could see she was driving him crazy as he presses her butt down on him and squeezes it hard. She places her hand on his chest as she kept grinding her hips on him.
She smiles as they lock eyes.

It felt so good to be on top but she was tired and she still wanted him in her.

She just couldn’t get enough of him. She leans forward, letting her breasts smack his face as her hips moves rhythmically. He pushes her down and turns her back to him. With his hand, he helps his penis penetrate her from behind. He parts her butt cheek as he thrusts in and out slowly. His pace gradually becomes fast and hard.
Once again her moans fills the room because his thrusts made her clitoris rub against his pelvic bone once more. She grabs the sheets as she reaches climax whilst he pulls her hair.
“Yeeeeeeeeesssss,” she says, looking like she is going to pass out.
“I’m cumming,” he groans as he shoot his load inside her.
He pulls out slowly and falls at the foot of the bed. She drops her naked body on him and kisses him.
“So am I forgiven?” He asks, staring into her face.
She smiles, “maybe,” and then proceeds to rest her head on his chest.
He smiles and holds her.

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