My PA’s boyfriend

It was December 11 and the morning lacked any brightness because the weather was dull but it was worse for her because she couldn’t fathom why she felt so restless today. She could sense an awkward feeling.

  She walked lazily towards her car and stood there just staring at the car. After about two minutes, she opened the door and got in. She turned the ignition and started the car; she put her hands on the steering wheel for some time and sighed. As she drove out of the compound, her eyes caught the sight of him locking his door and he was dressed and ready to go out. She pretended not to have seen him and drove out.

At 27, she had achieved a lot for herself. Manager of a distinguished multi-million company, Author of two best-sellers and owner of an exquisite mall. She’s a dark skinned beauty, 5’5ft tall with a bubbly personality, intelligent and kind.

“Miss Shantel, are you okay? You’ve not said a word to me since the Good Morning we exchanged earlier on. I hope you’re fine?” her concerned personal assistant who was eager to know what was going on asked her as she could not bear the silence anymore. Her boss was the lively and jovial type and always had something to say. Her silence was disturbing.

Shantel didn’t move a muscle; it was as though the question was not directed to her.

So she decided to ask again, “Ma’am I asked if you’re okay?”

Shantel looked up from the papers she was signing, dropped the pen and used the tips of her fingers to rub her forehead for some time and then she spoke, “Lola, I’m okay. I guess it’s just a normal mood swing or maybe I woke up on the wrong side of my bed today but I’ll be fine. It’s nothing serious, I guess by tomorrow I’ll be fine. Just wipe that worried look off your face and go back to work.” Shantel told her as she resumed what she was doing.

Lola stood and stared at her for a while before she replied, “If you say so.”

She shook her head and walked over to the neatly arranged shelf to continue sorting out the documents as she was doing before.

After sometime, she checked her wristwatch and exhaled, “its 1:48 pm already, soon Danny will be here with my lunch. I told him to buy yours too. It’s from my favorite restaurant.”

Shantel looked up from what she was doing and gave Lola a fake smile.

At exactly 2 pm, three soft knocks came on the door.

“Come in,” Lola said out loudly.

He popped his head as he opened the door. “Sorry Miss, I was told she was in here so I decided to come in here. Hope you don’t mind?” he asked gently.

Lola giggled, “it’s okay. I’m sure she doesn’t mind. I already informed her. So come on in.”

He entered and showed the fancy nylon of food he was holding. Lola stood up to hug him and take the food from him. Shantel stole glances at them from time to time as they talked softly and giggled at their silly gist or so she thought. She was jealous of the happiness she saw on her face. Although she resolved to live her life without being in a relationship because she wasn’t ready, she still wanted to feel loved by a man and sadly, the one she nursed feelings for wouldn’t even notice her subsistence.

She was induced back to reality when Danny spoke to her, “Miss, I’ll be leaving now. Nice to see you,” he said to her.

She had to fake a smile again, “Oh, all right. Nice to see you too and thanks for the lunch.”

“It’s nothing. Will do anything for my Lola?

“Of course,” Shantel murmured.

“All right ladies, bye and enjoy your lunch, Lola,” he said smiling as he left the office.

“Of course I will,” Lola said with her mouth full.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Shantel said hurriedly, “Lola please pass my own plate of food.”

Lola’s mouth opened wide in amazement, “I thought you were not in the mood to do anything,”

“Am I not working? Madam abeg bring that food here, my mouth is watering already,” she told her with a stern look.

Lola stood up, picked up the food and took it to her.

She collected the food from her and opened it rapidly and started eating.

Lola laughed and shook her head as she walked back to where her food was, “Hunger can make even the worse feeling disappear for a moment. I really hope she doesn’t come to work like this tomorrow,” Lola said under her breath.

Some hours had passed by, Shantel looked down at her wristwatch and yawned, “I’m so tired, I’ll be going home now,” she said as she arranged her table and put the documents and laptop in their place.

She picked up her bag, put her phone it and reached for her car keys. As she walked towards the door, “Lola, I’ll see you tomorrow,’ she told Lola.

“Okay ma’am, I’ll be rounding up soon too,” Lola replied.

“All right then, bye dear,” Shantel said.

Her phone rang and as she tried to reach for it, she lost control of the steering for a while as the bad mood was still rubbing off on her and that made her careless for a moment. As soon as she looked up, she realized she almost hit someone and when he started yelling, she saw that it was him and she had to drive past him as fast as she could because she felt ashamed of herself. What was he even doing in the estate, trekking?

She drove into her compound, stayed in the car for a while before she sighed and got down. Her heart was racing as she looked across the street and saw him going into his house. He didn’t even turn to look at her or even give her a bad eye for what she just did. He never showed he noticed her and she felt certain he wouldn’t even care to listen even if she tried to apologize. She just shook her head and headed straight to her door. She put in her key, turned it, the keyhole clicked and she turned the knob, the door came open and she went it and closed the door behind her. She dropped her keys on the table close to the door, removed her heels and dropped her bag on the sofa. She walked to the kitchen, over to the fridge, opened it and reached for a bottle of water and a glass. She poured the water in the glass and gulped all of it.

She kept the bottle and the glass back in the fridge and walked back to the sitting room to pick up her bag and headed up the stairs to her room. She opened the door and went in straight to the closet to put her bag in its place after taking out the important things and laying them on the bed. Then she remembered she had forgot to bring her shoes up but she was still too tired to go get them. She decided to take a warm bath first and see what she could do later. She unbuttoned her shirt as she stood in front of her dressing mirror; she savored the moment as she let the shirt slip gently off her body. She slipped out of her skirt and was left with just her bra and panties covering her nakedness. She unhooked her bra gently and let it drop to the floor revealing her firm and beautiful breasts. She stared at the mirror for some time relishing the beauty she was seeing at least that managed to put a smile on her beautiful face. She wasn’t actually the tall model figure but she was extremely beautiful in her own way. She took off her panties and walked to the bathtub, slid into it and drifted away into another world.

The house was so dark and silent that any noise no matter how little it was could be heard. The sound of the squeaky sound of her door jerked her up from her sleep. She didn’t realize she had fallen asleep in the tub for that long. She hurriedly stepped out and reached for the bathrobe and slipped it on. She tried to turn the lights on but realized they weren’t coming on as she flipped it on and off. She wondered what the problem could be. She heard the squeaking sounds again and turned around in fear. She went down the stairs gently and carefully without any slippers as she tied her robe. The sound of her heartbeat and breathing became loud as soon as she walked to the main door and tried to open and it came open but she was sure that she had locked it when she came in. She wondered who would have broken into her house, she concluded that only a criminal or someone who had a plan and had studied her house could break in and toil with her lights. “Damn,” she said as she remembered she forgot to bring her phone so she could she could use the torchlight. Why was she forgetting things today? It was unlike her. Her eyes caught the sight of her white shoes she forgot at the side of the table, she bent down gently and picked it up.

She swallowed hard and with fear she approached the kitchen as she heard noises coming from there. Her legs froze but she held firmly to the shoe as she saw the figure standing over the kitchen table and playing with her knives.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” she asked him with trembling lips.

The figure didn’t respond but turned to her and started walking toward her, “If you come any close, I’m going to hit your head with this,” she threatened him with fear. She was entirely overwhelmed with fear. He didn’t listen to her threats instead he continued going close to her. As soon as he was close to her, she saw it was a masculine figure that had a hoodie on and as she tried to raise the heel to hit him, he grabbed her hand and knocked the shoe off her hand. She wriggled her wrist and struggled to loosen his grip on her but she was just wasting her time as she was no match for him. He turned her back to him and tied her hands to her back with a belt. He pushed her to the seat he had already kept for her. He made her sit down and then he tied her legs and body to the chair with more belts.  Shantel was trembling and sweating profusely. He stood in front of her for some time before he left the kitchen. He didn’t shut her mouth so she decided to shout, “Hey, where are you going to? You can’t leave me like this. Come and untie me.” When she realized her screams weren’t helping her situation, she started struggling to free herself but she had been tightly buckled with the belts. Shantel didn’t know whether to feel scared anymore or confused but it has been long since he left and he hasn’t showed up. Could it be that he was stealing her stuffs? No wonder her day had been dull since morning, it was because something would happen this night, and these events were giving her goose bumps. Does this mean I won’t celebrate this year’s Christmas?

The lights came on and she looked at the ceiling, frightened, she could see her kitchen was still intact just that the chair she was on was close to the gas cooker. What the hell was this psycho trying to achieve with all these? Her head was bent when he walked in. She heard his footsteps and raised her head up. He walked over to the fridge and poured himself some juice.

“Shantel, Shantel, Shantel,” finally he spoke and turned to face her.

Her heart sank when she heard his voice and her fears were confirmed when he pulled down the hood and revealed his handsome and well-structured face. Her mouth was agape when she saw him. She was speechless.

He smiled charmingly, “Aren’t you going to yell? I see you look surprised.”

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, “Why are you doing this? We’ve not related with each other before and the first time you get to do it, this is how you go about it?” she asked him calmly.

“I can see you have short term memory, so I’ll refresh your brains. Not too long ago, you almost crushed me to death or don’t you remember that?” he asked her but this time around his smile had vanished.

She bent her head in shame, she knew was wrong.

“A normal human being would have gotten down saying sorry and check how I was doing but no, you preferred to run away like you always do.”

“Erm, erm, erm………..” she couldn’t make a statement.

“What’s up? Cat got your tongue?” he asked her.

She exhaled again, “Danny, I’m truly sorry, I didn’t mean to do what I did. I felt ashamed of myself and you know the way you always behave towards me, I just felt, you might even beat me up if I came out,” she said with regrets.

He scoffed, “But why would I beat you up? Everyone makes mistakes. I’m sorry would have prevented all these from happening.”

“You know the way you behave with me all the time makes me find it difficult to approach you most of the time. No sane person would want to go to someone who hates them. Just see what you’ve done to me because of what I did. I’m not trying to say I’m right but I’m just saying that if you didn’t hate me, you wouldn’t tie me up like an animal just for revenge.”

Her words pierced his heart and he thought for a while and she could see he looked worried. He moved closer to her and knelt down in front of her, “Why would you say I hate you?”

“I mean it’s obvious. Just imagine you live just opposite my house and we never see eye to eye and when you come to visit your girlfriend in the office, you act like I’m invisible.”

Danny laughed out very loudly and uncontrollably and Shantel felt embarrassed.

“You’re very funny. See, I don’t hate you,” he told her.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes, how can I hate a beauty like you?”

This was a shocker to Shantel.

“I thought you hated me, then how do you explain the snubbing?”

He got up and started pacing the room. “Okay, let’s take for example, you’re wealthy, beautiful and everything perfect, you have a nice ride. Come on, you’re a boss lady. I guess I wasn’t man enough to stand up to you so I thought pretending not to see you would be the best,”

“Can you get to the point please?” she was blushing terribly.

“What I’m trying to say is I’ve liked you from the very beginning but when I started seeing you didn’t give a damn about me and then you did what you did this evening, I got really mad and decided I was going to give you a piece of me this night. It was easy to mess with the electricity conductor because they are just like mine.”

“So you’re saying you like me?” she asked with happiness unhidden in her voice.

‘Yes, that’s what I’m saying.”

She was happy to hear it but then eyes turned sad, “Then what about Lola? How can you like me when you’re dating her?”

“No, no, no, no, Lola is not my girlfriend.”

Her face lit up again, “Really? Then who is she to you?”

“You mean she didn’t tell you?”

“No, I never asked and we’ve never discussed you before,”

“Well, she is my twin.”

Shantel’s mouth opened in totally awe. “See you’ve got to unbuckle me so I can express my shocks very well. Whatttttttt? Your twin? This is a night of total revelation,” she stated with disbelief.

He smiled as he moved close to her and unbuckled her slowly. She could feel his breath on her neck as he bent over her shoulder. It was soothing. He finished unbuckling her and helped her stand to her feet as they smiled at each other. She rubbed her wrists as they were still hurting.

She looked at him shyly, “I’ve a confession too.” His looks told her he was listening but he continued rolling his belts.

“I’ve always liked you too but I felt you might not take me seriously that was why I always acted the way I did whenever I saw you but deep down, I really really like you. You have no idea how jealous I got every time I saw you with Lola,” she said and covered her face as she remembered how foolish she was to have thought they were dating.

He smiled and placed the rolled belts on the chair.

“So now we know how we feel about each other, what are we going to do about it?” he was being sexy with her and he relished the smiled he had put on her face. Finally what he yearned for was going to be a reality. He really wanted to hold her in his hands not forcefully this time but idealistically.

She smiled and bit her lips as she moved slowly towards where he was resting on the sink and placed her right hand on his broad chest. He dragged her so closely to him that her bosom was touching his chest. He pulled down the robe from her left shoulder, lowered his head a bit and placed a kiss on it. She inhaled deeply with satisfaction. They couldn’t hold back any longer, they had fantasied about this moment for very long and now they weren’t ready to stop. He grabbed her head tightly and kissed her; they kissed for a very long time until he carried her and laid her on the kitchen floor.

Do not marry him

Two days after the proposal, she found a card at her doorstep, written in a messy handwriting. “DO NOT MARRY HIM!
She turned the card to the back then to the front again to see if she could see any other message but she didn’t.
What manner of joke was this? She asked herself.
She looked around to see if she could see anyone but no one was in sight.

Fear gripped Ebere.
Who could have dropped this here?
There was no name or phone number. Was it a mistake? It couldn’t be. The sender knew for sure she was engaged to be married.
She couldn’t take it in alone.
She reached for her keys in her bag, opened the door and went in closing the door behind her.
She dialed Mark’s number, her heartbeat was louder than the beep tone.
“Baby,” said the voice from the receiver.
“You had better not say a word,” came a voice from behind her.
Ebere froze.
“Hello, hello, my love,” the voice from the receiver kept calling.
The figure forcefully collected the phone from her and threw it to the floor.
“How did you get in here?” Ebere managed to ask.
The figure laughed hysterically revealing she was a female.
Ebere regretted not turning the lights on when she entered.

“Didn’t you get my card?” the lady asked.
Ebere’s eyes had got used to the darkness. The lady was in all black.
“I said how did you get into my house and who are you? What do you want?” Ebere yelled at her.
Well she shouldn’t have.
The lady slapped Ebere, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor.
“Why did you call him? What did you want to tell him, huh?” she shouted at the scared Ebere.
Ebere screamed as hard as she could. Thankfully Mark had not ended the call.

The lady tied Ebere to a chair with the ropes she had brought.
The lights were on now. Ebere could see her face. She was beautiful but she looked haggard and delirious. She smiled unceasingly.
She took a chair and sat in front of Ebere.
She was still smiling.
“You got my card, didn’t you?” she asked Ebere raising her head up.
Ebere nodded in affirmation.

Ebere made sounds like she wanted to speak.
The lady smiled, “You want to say something?”
Ebere nodded.
She slowly removed the tape she had used in shutting her mouth.
“Ouch….who are you?” was the only question she could ask. She had never been treated this way in her life, she was terrified.
She kept smiling.
“Why do you want to marry him?”
“Marry who?” Ebere asked her trying to figure out what her business was with her getting married.
“Who else are you engaged to?” she shouted into her face.
“Because I love him,” Ebere shouted.
“You love him,” she said as she laughed uncontrollably.
She was really delusional.

Mark had parked silently and walked to the front porch to see if he could peep from the window.
“Martha? Again?” he sighed. “I thought she was locked up. How does she find ways to harass my brides to be?”
He had to find a way to get them in.. Oh, he had a spare key. He hurried back to the car to get it.

“He used to love me. He was supposed to marry me,” her smile had vanished.
“But he left me, saying he didn’t love me anymore. Who does that to people who love them?” she was smiling again.
“People fall out of love. It happens all the time,” Ebere managed to say.
“So he had to fall in love with Emelia and now you?” she laughed again.
“Well, I guess you made a mistake falling in love with Mark,” she said as she cocked her gun.
Ebere was terrified.. She swallowed hard.
“Sadly you’d have to join Emelia,” she pointed the gun to her head.
Ebere heard the gun fire. But she didn’t feel any pain. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Martha on the floor in her own blood.
She saw Mark with the police. He ran to her and hugged her tightly.