Catch Me

My eyes flickered as I tried to open them. 

I paused. What was that? A floating hand was by the right side of my bed. As my heart raced, I closed my eyes again forming in mind that it was just a dream. I gently opened my eyes but it was still there. Motionless. 

I got up slowly and then, it turned swiftly to me like it had been waiting for me to wake up. I let out an audible gasp as I moved backwards. 

It jumped on me and I let out a deafening scream. 

I screamed until I woke up panting. 

With a feeling of nervousity in my bones, I slowly searched my room with my eyes and in a flash the hand jumped right at me. 

I let out a sharp shrilling cry. It struggled to cover my mouth as I made efforts to resist it. 

He stopped struggling and turned away, then back to me again. He ascended and as fast as lightning he charged towards me with its pointing fingers. 

“noooooooooooooooooooo,” I screamed with my eyes closed. 

And with a spasmodic jerk, I woke up panting, drenched in my own sweat. 

Toy store

“Mum, I like that one,” 4 year old Zainab said pointing to a doll that was nearly hidden on the shelf.

“I want the one close to it,” her elder sister Amina stated.

Ejiro looked closely at the dolls and saw they appeared uncanny.

“Of all the beautiful dolls in this toy shop, these are the ones you girls want?” she asked them.

“Yes mom,” the replied in unison. 

“I think you girls are not getting any dolls and I am sure your elder sister is going to get a better doll,” she told the girls.

“Mom, mom,” a voice came calling from the other side of the shelf.

“What is it?” Ejiro asked her eldest daughter.
Monsurat dragged her by the hand, “Come and see the doll I want.”

“I told you girls,” she said to the little ones as she followed Monsurat to the shelf where the doll she wanted was.

“That’s it,” she indicated as they got to the spot.

Ejiro’s smile disappeared immediately as she beheld the ugliest looking doll.

“What is wrong with all of you?” she asked furiously.

The girls cowered in fear.

She turned and saw the employees leering at her. She didn’t want them to think she was a bad mother but still didn’t want her children to get those hideous dolls. Girls of their age love colorful and pretty dolls.

“Fine, you girls should pick your preferred dolls,” she told them smiling.

The girls’ faces lit up, they hugged her and ran to take the dolls from the shelves.

“How much are these dolls?” Ejiro asked the cashier at the counter.

Smiling, “What dolls ma’am?” the cashier asked her.

Ejiro scoffed, “The ones my girls are holding.”
Still smiling, the cashier asked, “Ma’am, are you trying to toy with me?” 

“Young lady, I think you’re the one who is trying to toy with me here and I don’t like it.”

“But I don’t see any dolls with your girls,” the cashier replied.

Ejiro sighed, “Sweeties, hold up the dolls so she can see them very well,” Ejiro asked her girls and they did.

The cashier became uneasy, “Lucy, please come,” she called out to her colleague.

“Yes, what is it?” her colleague asked.

“This lady says her children are holding dolls but I can’t see any,” the cashier explained.

Lucy looked at Ejiro and then the kids, “I don’t see any doll either.”

Ejiro expired and looked at her girls; put out her hands to feel the dolls. She could see and feel it.

“Monsurat, Amina, Zainab, what are the colors of the dolls you’re holding?” she demanded.

“Black,” Monsurat said.

“Black,” Amina said.

“Black,” Zainab said too.

Immediately, all the lights went off and dark clouds filled the air. The employees screamed in fear. The kids panicked and Ejiro’s heart thumped.

Three dark shadows came into sight and walked toward them. As the shadows drew closer, Ejiro held her children close but a strong force pulled her and flung her into one of the shelves.

“Mom,” her kids cried out.

“You have trespassed and you will pay,” the shadows said and their voices echoed. The shadows touched the girls; they faded away, the cloud disappeared and the lights were restored.

“Noooooooooooo. Not my babies,” Ejiro screamed as she ran to the spot where they had stood. 

The store employees, still mystified couldn’t move.