The Rivalry

“Honey I’ve called them severally but they are not picking up. Sent them texts, no reply. Are you sure they are not fighting or quarrelling at the supermarket?” Anthony asked his wife. 

“Well I wouldn’t be surprised if they were,” she replied shaking her head. 

“Then let’s get going. Maybe when they are back and are calm, they’ll go through their phones,” he said and proceeded to put on his wristwatch.  

“What is it honey?” he asked as he noticed she had stopped what she was doing. 

Lorena sighed, “you know, most times, I wish I had other children and not them. I wish I had normal girls maybe all these shouting and quarrelling wouldn’t be the order of the day,” she expressed with grief. 

“Me too honey. Me too,” Anthony replied as he moved over and hugs her. 

“I’m a mother and I love my children but this is how they make me feel,” She said sobbing whilst he held her tightly to his chest. 

“I’m getting the meats and chicken while you’re getting the vegetables,” Gwen said to Tricia. 

“No mum said I’ll get the meats and chicken while you get the vegetables because I’m older. I’ll best know how to pick the freshest,” Tricia explained. 

“I think your picking skills would be well appreciated in the vegetables’ section,” Gwen said grinning. 

Tricia ignored her and took the basket from Gwen. 

“Let’s start our shopping so we can leave here in time.”

As she turned to leave, Gwen, with her mind took the bag away from Tricia. 

With a frown, Tricia turned to look at Gwen, “Is that how you want it?” She asked but Gwen ignored her this time and turned to leave. 

With her magnetism manipulation, she twisted Gwen’s ankle and in pain, she dropped the bag. 

Determined to fight each other as usual with their powers, Gwen got up and with her mind and power, she threw everything she could at Tricia and Tricia, in turn, tore them apart and hit Gwen with them. 

The inhabitants of their city had already gotten used to seeing them try to tear each other apart. So this day wasn’t any different as they walked past these girls with superpowers and went on with their activities. 

For every object Gwen picked to throw at her elder sister, her eyes switched to that colour. Gwen kept throwing things and Tricia kept dodging and squeezing them. She slowly moved closer to Gwen and when she was very close, she wrung Gwen’s bones paralysing her. She looked down at her with rage. 

“You girls are here fighting while your parents are in danger,” a citizen said as she touched Tricia. 

In shock, Tricia released Gwen and that was when they noticed the supermarket was almost empty. 

“Where’s everyone and what happened to our parents?” Tricia asked as Gwen rubbed her body. 

“If you want an answer to that question then you’ll have to race to the bridge to get it,” the citizen told them. 

“The bridge?” The girls asked her in unison and without waiting for her to reply, they both dashed out of the supermarket with the woman behind them. 

Their hearts almost stopped beating as they beheld their parents in a car that was over the bridge and was been held by nothing but few rods. Under the bridge heal no water and the girls knew if something wasn’t done, they would be made orphans too early. 

Without plans, Tricia and Gwen proceeded to save their parents. 

Tricia tried to wring the rods and at the same time Gwen tried to raise the car up but then a rod broke and the car dropped a bit followed by loud gasps from onlookers. 

“Would you girls do something together for once?” A female voice said from the crowd. 

“You girls can’t even save your own parents,” another voiced out. 

“If they die their blood will be on your hands,” a little child added. 

Unable to bear their parents panicking and provoking yammering of the onlookers, they slowly turned to each other. 

“Gwen, I’ll break off the rods and you’ll connect them together so you can pull up the car and we’ll get them out,” Tricia spoke. 

“You won’t tell me what to do,” Gwen retorted. 

“This is no time to argue, Gwen. We are talking about our parents lives here. Let’s agree, even if it’s just this once,” Tricia told her. 

Gwen exhaled and nodded in agreement. 

Tricia broke off the rods from the other side, Gwen brought them together, Tricia twisted them so Gwen could put them under the car and together the girls pulled the car up allowing some guys rescue their parents. 

The crowd cheered as the girls ran to hug their parents and for the first time the girls understood what it felt like to do good and be appreciated. 

“I’m sorry mum. I’m sorry dad. We almost let you down,” Tricia apologised. 

Lorena and Anthony smiled as they hugged and kissed their girls. 

“It’s okay. I love you girls and I’m proud of you,” Lorena said as she looked at her husband and smiled. 

The paramedics that had just arrived called Lorena and Anthony to the ambulance to check for any injury. 

“Tricia,” Gwen called after a while of being silent.


“I don’t hate you. I only get jealous of you. I see the way you bend and wring things with ease. You can twist anything, even me. I’ve always felt threatened by your strength because I know you’re stronger than I am,” Gwen confessed. 

Tricia giggled and took Gwen’s hands,” Do you know how beautiful your eyes look each time you pick objects of different colours? Your powers are stronger and beautiful than you can imagine. Your powers can save so don’t ever think I’m stronger than you are because we are equal,” Tricia told her with a smile. 

To Tricia’s surprise, Gwen hugged her and she heaved a sigh of relief. 

Lorena and Anthony were the happiest when they saw their girls hugging for the second time ever. 

My Birthday 🎂

Jeremy opened the door and we all stepped into the motel. The interior decor; simple but exquisite. We were still admiring the decors when she approached us. 

“Welcome,” she said smiling. 

We all turned to look at her and they couldn’t resist returning the charming smile. 

“Hello, I’m Brenda, your hostess. Actually, I own this place,” she told us still smiling. 

“It’s beautiful,” Gabriel stated. 

“I know right,” she responded. 

“Thanks for having us. This is going to be a fantastic birthday,” I giggled as I took out my phone and started taking selfies. 

“A birthday you say?” Brenda asked us. 

“Yes it’s my girlfriend’s birthday,” Gabriel replied placing a kiss on my cheek. 

“Oh, I see. So are there more of you coming or it’s just the four of you?” Brenda inquired. 

Nonchalantly, “She doesn’t like the crowd. We are her only friends so yes it’s just us,” Jeremy responded. 

She smiled, “That’s good. So if they are together, are you?” She asked implying to Lili. “And she seems quiet.” 

Jeremy looked at Lili and smiled. 

Lili looks away from the painting she has been staring at, “Yes we are together but he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. He’s my brother. And I’m just observing,” she grinned and then frowned again resuming why she was doing. 

“Creepy right?” I asked. 

“Not at all,” Brenda responded. “But I hope you guys have fun.” 

“Of course we will. That’s why we booked this place,” I uttered smiling. 

“And that’s why we are going to start from the reception, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Juicy June,” Gabriel started singing and they all joined making me blush but then… 

“Stop guys. I think Brenda isn’t okay,” Lili uttered. 

They stopped and we turned to look at her. Brenda seemed uneasy. 

“Ma’am, are you okay?” Gabriel asked while Jeremy moved to touch her. 

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” she replied moving backwards. “I just feel uncomfortable anytime I hear birthdays songs,” she told us. 

“Why?” I asked. 

Brenda exhaled and hesitated but seeing they were eager to know, she decided to speak. 

“I lost my son on his birthday,” We felt sudden pity towards her. “They drugged him to death” she explicated but then brightened up, “but it’s okay. That doesn’t stop me from trying to make young people like you have fun especially on a day like this one. So I’ll call the attendants to take you to your rooms,” she told us as she left trying to hide her sadness. 

After having our baths, we excitedly moved down to the place Brenda had set up for us to have a nice time. 

We opened the door and entered the room we had been directed to. Immediately the lights went off and we all shook with sudden fear. 

“It’s all right. Just open the door so I can call them to check the lights,” I stated as I reached for my phone. 

“No service,” she said aloud with surprise. 

“The door is stuck,” Jeremy said as he kept pulling the door. 

“That’s not possible,” Lili said. 

“Let me try,” Gabriel said and Jeremy stepped backwards. 

Gabriel pulled and pulled but it would t budge. Fear began to creep in and worse when we heard strange noises. 

“What’s that?” Lili asked in fear. 

I turned on my phone’s torchlight. The sounds grew closer and with shaky hands I  raised the light up. I screamed at what I saw followed by Lili and Gabriel. 

The zombie grabbed Jeremy by the neck and tried to strangle him but Jeremy struggled with it. 

“We need to do something,” I vocalized while Gabriel tried to find something that could come in handy and just then Lili jumped on the things’ back. I screamed. Gabriel tried to go get her but Lili started yelling and stabbing the zombie in the head with her pocketknife. Still, on his body, she stabbed him until he let Jeremy go and until he passed out and fell to the floor with her still on his back. She stood up and ran over to Gabriel and me with blood dripping all over her. 

Jeremy still trying to regain himself tried to stand up and then the ceiling started cracking. 

“What’s happening?” I asked trembling. We all looked around to see what was going on and before we could realize it, an arrow tied to a rope dropped from the ceiling and into Jeremy’s head, he cried out in pain. We rushed to help him but a figure dressed in all black dropped from the ceiling and obstructed us. She raised up her head and, “Brenda,” we called out in astonishment. 

When we realized what was going to happen, we ran leaving Jeremy behind. With my torchlight, we found a tatty staircase so we ran down. Brenda too rushed to the stairway but then she remembered something. She turned back to look at Jeremy and with an evil impulse and a cosmic force, she pressed the arrow deep into his head, killing him. 

She chased us down the stairs, caught up with us and jumped in front of us. 

Lili and I cowered as Gabriel urged us behind him. 

Brenda giggled, “Where do you think you’re running to? These stairs are endless, it leads nowhere. I have you locked in here.” 

“Why are you doing this?” Lili asked panting. 

“Weren’t you listening when I was explaining downstairs. It was people like you that killed my son and on a day like this,” she laughed ludicrously. 

“But we didn’t kill your son,” Lili stated. 

“You didn’t but you killed him again in the zombie I brought to life. So now I’m going to help you so you don’t get high and kill yourselves,” our minds began to settle until, “I’ll kill you myself,” she completed and we trembled with fear. 

I discerned Gabriel slowly opening the pocketknife he had collected from Lili earlier on. As Brenda made to drag Lili, Gabriel tried to stab her but she held his hands and knocked the knife off his hand. With her eyes, she flung me into the wall and how I was still able to hold on to my phone could explain how addicted I was. Gabriel and Brenda fought for a while and I was amazed at the physical and spiritual powers she possessed. 

Lili tried to pick up the knife but got herself hit by an unseen blow. She tried again but was been held back by invisible strengths. I couldn’t move, Lili was being held and Gabriel was really losing out as he had been battered already. 

I expired and bowed my head, I reflected on the wonderful twenty-second birthday I had pictured for myself turned out. I began to remember the good part from the road trip till when we got to the motel and then boom. 

I looked up slowly and laughed out loud. 

“Why are you laughing?” Brenda asked me whilst Gabriel sprawled on the ground. 

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,” I started singing. 

“No, stop it. I said stop singing right now,” she ordered but it was too late. My voice filled the room and it weakened her. She held her head and fell to the floor on her knees. 

“Now Gabriel,” Lili roared. 

Gabriel, with groans of pains, stood up as fast as he could, picked up the knife and slitted Brenda’s throat. As her blood gushed out and air exhausted from her lungs, Lili and I became free. We ran to hug Gabriel. 

NEed YOu LIke A HEart NEeds a BEat.

Suzanne descends the stairs quietly, and when she got to the end, her face slowly lit up in anger. She couldn’t stand the sight of them cuddling and laughing in her sitting room. 

She hissed softly and walked to the veranda; she turned off the generator’s fuel tank and tiptoed up, back to her room. 

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry about this,” Jack apologized to Tonia as he reached for his phone and turned on the torchlight. 

She chuckled, “It’s all right there’s no reason to apologize. It’s late and I should be leaving,” she stated. 

“I’m very certain that I filled the tank with fuel. I don’t know what might have gone wrong. Are you sure you don’t want me to check it out?” He persuaded. 

“Don’t worry. You can do that later. I’m leaving now,” she said smiling. 

“Fine. Then I should see you off,” he said. 

She picked up her handbag and made for the door while he opened it for her to go through. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” he told her and she placed a kiss on his lips. 

“Suzanne, Suzanne,” Suzanne heard her name and she slowly arouses from her sleep. 

“Yes, what is it?” Can’t you see it’s midnight?” She asked him yawning. 

“Of course I can,” he replied. 

She scornfully looked at him. 

“Did you tamper with the generator when Tonia was here?” He asked her. 

She hisses and tried to go back to sleep. 

“I’m talking to you,” he yelled and dragged the duvet from her. 

Suzanne sits up, “I did, so?” 

He chuckled, “You’ve gone totally crazy.”

Surprised, she looked at him. 

“Listen to me, Suzanne, this should be the last time you’d ever try something like this again. I’m warning you and I wouldn’t do it again. The earlier you understand there is nothing between us anymore the better for you and me. Good night,” Jack said and stormed out of the room before she even got the chance to speak. 

Tears rolled down her cheeks, she snorted and laid down.

She drove into the restaurant’s parking lot, got down and goes into the restaurant. She walked over to the table. 

“So you guys are having breakfast without me?” She startled them with her question. “Tonia, weren’t you just in my house yesterday and this morning you guys are having breakfast without me.” 

“Jeez, Suzanne are you okay? Did you get any sleep last night?” Jack asked as he tried to get up to touch her. 

“You sit down there and don’t stand up,” Suzanne ordered. 

“Jack, is she okay?” Tonia asked. 

Suzanne giggled, “How can I be okay after you spoke to me like that last night?  Like you’ve been doing to me for the past twelve days.  Can anyone get any rest after hearing that?” Suzanne asked Jack. 

“Jack if she wants to have breakfast with us, then she should go ahead and sit because if she continues like this, I’ll be forced to leave,” Tonia verbalised. 

“You’re not going anywhere you bitch,” Suzanne said as she pulled out a gun from behind and points it at them. 

“Oh my God,” Tonia screamed in fear. 

“Suzanne, what are you doing?” Jack asked. 

“If you do not put down that phone, you’re going to be the first person I kill. Abi, you dey craze. I said put the phone down,” Suzanne yelled at the cashier who gently put the phone down with shaky hands. 

“Good girl. Now if any of you makes any stupid move like that again, I’ll kill you,” she threatened. 

All the employees nodded in fear. To Suzanne’s advantage, the customers in the building were only but a few. 

“Jack, why are you making me do this? This is not me.”

“Then put the gun down,” Jack told her. 

“Shut up,” Suzanne thundered. She exhaled, “This wasn’t what you promised me. You told me it was going to be us forever. No one else.”

Tonia looks at them in amazement. “What’s going on here?” She asked. 

“I warned you. I told you that this wouldn’t turn out great but you insisted. You told me you’d always love and care for me. That you’d protect me no matter the cost,” tears streamed down her cheeks as she spoke. 

“Jack you told me that I was going to be your everything,” she smiles. “And now you’re with her and you just expect to pretend like there was never an “us”? You changed so much and I don’t like it.” 

“Suzanne, I grew up this past month,” Jack told her. 

“But you grew up a long time ago. You’re twenty-seven or am I mistaken?” She asked him. 

“No, but I grew up and I have come to understand so many things that I didn’t before. You have to calm down so I can explain to you, my sunshine.” 

“Don’t call me that. I’m not your sunshine, I became your darkness the day you fell in love with her,” Suzanne vocalised and they both turned to look at Tonia. 

“Wait a second. If I’m hearing all these correctly, Jack you’ve been having an affair with your little sister?” Tonia asked as she came to the realisation of what was happening. “Oh my God. What a day!”

Suzanne snorted, “You know what? I’m going to end this.” 

“No, you won’t. We can talk this over. Please let’s talk this over,” Jack begged her. 

Suzanne smiled, moved over to him but Jack leaned backwards. 

“I can’t live a life without you being in it with me. I love you so I’m going to give you what you want because I want you to be happy,” she told him as she leaned on him and stared deep into his teary eyes. 

The gun went off and Tonia screamed. 

Suzanne expired as she fell but Jack caught her, “No, you can’t do this to me.”

“I can,” she said with difficulty as she touched his face with her blood-stained hands. 

“No. You are my happiness. I was doing this to keep you safe from the abomination I lured you into. I am not and was never in love with Tonia, I only wanted to move on from what we created to protect you. You’re my light. Suzanne, why did you do this to me?” Jack confessed amidst tears. 

Suzanne smiled whilst her hands slowly dropped from his face. 

“Nooooooo,” Jack screamed as she died in his hands. His worst fear had come to reality and he couldn’t save his only sister. What would life have in store for him? What was he without Suzanne, his best friend? And most importantly, what would he tell his parents? 

Tonia was torn between feeling pity and disgust as she left the siblings and the terrified employees, who were making calls already, in the building. 

Junior Exams!

“Calm down kids. We are going to be fine,” Miss Lisa told her students.

“Miss, how can you tell us to calm down? We are terrified,” Benita stated.

“Yes Miss. We can’t help but be scared because we don’t even know what these people will do to us.” Femi added. “What if they kill us?”

“Let’s not center our minds on negative thoughts. I’d advise you all to pray instead, you have to show them you are strong and don’t let your fears make you vulnerable,” Miss Lisa impelled the children.

“Miss, I didn’t sign up for this when I decided to write my junior exams. What will my mother do?” Lucas another student said amidst tears. 

“So I signed up for this, right? Come on kids it’s nobody’s fault that we were all kidnapped from the bus that was conveying us to the exam center. So I’ll recommend you all stop whining and pray,” she told them.

Lucas turned around to see the expressions of his classmates; there were 27 students in the room they were locked in. He directed his eyes to his teacher and imagined she could just be as scared as they were but was trying to be the adult.

Benita entwined her arms around her legs as she mumbled words of prayers. She wasn’t ready to leave her parents or her brothers. What would happen to her loving family if anything happened to her? Would they be sad and mourn her for a long time or would they forget her after a while? She thought. 

Lucas was the only son of his mother; she had used all her savings to register him for the junior exams. What was she going to do if she lost her only son that was going to take her out of poverty and who will look after her when she becomes old? He closed his eyes and tried to imagine the answers to his questions but he couldn’t.

Femi had always been quiet and didn’t really relate well with his mates. But he didn’t really care what happens to them on this boat, in this sea. At least, he’d be able to get away from his abusive step-father. 

The children were all lost in their anxious thoughts when the door came open and one of the men who had taken them hostage came in.

“Get up, all of you and move,” he roared.

The children rose to their feet and moved out of the room into the hands of mean looking men who compelled them to enter a boat. 

They realized they were in a place different from their city. They got into the boat; their eyes caught the sight of a man who seemed to be the leader and although he was a very handsome man, he appeared to be extremely vicious. The engine came on and the boat made to move but then who was it that appeared behind him? As she kissed the handsome man, it became clear that it was no other than their own Miss Lisa.


I slowly arouse from my sleep as I felt my pajamas being pulled down gently. I opened my eyes and saw him slightly bent over me with his hands on my trousers.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“Calm down. Don’t make a fuss of it,” he said shamelessly.

I made to shout but he used his right palm to cover my mouth.
I grabbed his palm, wrenched it and he screamed in pains. This time, I covered his mouth with my palm as I pulled up my trouser. I stood up and pushed him away. He approached me and I slapped him hard. He slapped me in return and that stirred up the fiend in me. I hit him in the face and that made his nose bleed; I grabbed his arm and twisted it to the back, he groaned but I ignored him.

“I won’t give you the pleasure of disrespecting me,” I whispered into his ears and pushed him to the floor. I was infuriated that my elder brother’s cute friend wanted to take advantage of me.

My brother entered the sitting room and saw his friend who was lightly touching his injured nose sitting on the blood stained floor.

He rushed to him and in amazement he asked, “What happened here? Flora, what did you do?”

“No. The question should be, ‘what did this animal do’? He messed with the wrong girl,” I said furiously.

By the expression of his eyes, I discerned my brother had realized his friend had done something wrong because he knew what I was capable of when messed with but he didn’t ask his friend any question; instead he helped him up and led him to his room. I sat down, trying to recover from the shock and with the loud argument that came from the room; I knew it was going to be a long night.